Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Axial Flux Generator

by relic Jul 19, 2018
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Need the base to not have its legs so wide legs could be 1 screw hole in center and only make them as wide as the base.
I say this because if you wanted to add a third stater in the middle of two and have two rotors there is to much space in between rotor and stater getting rid of the extra leg sticking out on the sides and only making them as wide as base lets you add a third stater or more. but keep the first base need that to. hope you know what I am getting at?

I'm going to do most of the things you mentioned ... starting with the "stackable" idea and adding a grub/set screw. Question: If you're building this at original scale, where are you finding your N52 magnets? The ONLY reason I haven't built my own invention yet is because of the cost of magnets

This is the cheapest place I've found for my magnets not that much cheaper for the ones you needed compared to what price you were saying, but still a little cheaper at least

Hey just a thought... you know "IF" and I say "IF" you put 4 only 4 stand off tabs on your Stater evenly spaced on and around the outside edge with bolt holes in them you could build this thing in a vertical way without a stand just 4 legs ... could stack multi layers ;) ... just a thought.

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I have also made some mods to this little motor to be attached to yours as a timing device ;)
fits well on your stater. going to use a Hall switch type to run this motor of yours:) BIG plans big plans will show you when ever I get done.

3-Phase Pulse Motor (Arduino Controlled)
by zanzal

Awesome work my friend you have out done yourself with that new rotor just what I was thinking ;) also cut down on the print time a lot and saving the filament but keeping functionality. I am so excited finaly someone who gets it. again great work.!!!

Busy time of year, but let me see what I can do. I will notify you when I upload new stl files

Thank you so much for your time on this i'm having a great time working on this project.

This is great and I have started to print it I have already printed the stater but... the rotor you posted I am having an issue with the rotor has an extra inch going around it for bolt holes but it doesn't need it.It makes the rotor to large if you could remove the extra in around the rotor making it the same size as the stater this idea would work really well. also if you could put a set screw hole somehow in the center to lock the rotor to the shaft this would be an easy set up.
could you also post your cad file so maybe we can alter some things our self's? .... thanks again awesome work!!!

Modified rotor and a "glue on" spacer for the bottom of the stator are now available. I don't see a practical way of adding a set screw unless you're using a D shaped shaft. I use loctite and it works well. This was designed in tinkercad so feel free to import and modify as needed.

I haven't build this yet because of the expense of the neo magnets ... so when your build is complete I'd be SUPER UBER intereste in seeing it.

set screw could be used on a regular shaft "IF" you filed a flat spot on the shaft for the set screw.

Id like to show you when I am done