Ender 3 Raspberry Pi 2/3 mount (UPDATED V2)

by giacomo30196 Jul 23, 2018
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do I have to remove anything to get it to fit on the left side? where the Z limit switch is, same orientation as the photo just all the way to the left haha

Just printed this on my Ender 3 Pro and even if it is a tight fit then the 3B+ fits very snug in it. Those having problems with fitting their Pi in this case needs to put the usb ports through the holes first so that the little metal frame on them are on the outside of the case. Then when leveling it the side on the case with the hole for the audio needs to be bent out a tiny bit and the Pi should drop right down to the correct position :)

This is correct and the only way to make a 3B+ fit. All who are struggling, try this advice! The Ethernet and USB shrouds should clip slightly outside of the case.

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Nice design.
I have a question regarding the orientation of the parts:
Do you print them in the orientation as shown here in the previews?
Or should I lay them flat on their back?

I printed the lower part standing up, so that the USB openings was at the bottom of the bed.

The upper part I printed with the top down towards the bed.

I had no issues with any of the prints and no supports :)

it doesn't fit unfortunately to small and no room for the heatsink but else great design

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hello! I printed the case too for my Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and it did not fit. If it is not just me maybe you should update the description to inform other printers :)
thanks :D

Hi thanks for this , looks great prints well but sadly does not fit my Raspberry Pi 3 B+ (its kinda jammed in)

Reprinted the and the Pi 3 B+ actually does fit. The only problem I run into after 3 prints is the slide that connects to the rail on the ender doesn't ever print correctly. It always strings.

The box is a tiny bit too small. You really have to bend it, to get the pi in it. I also cut the walls between the side inputs for hdmi, so I can slide it in. So please fix your tolerances, so that you can put the pi in it without the need to bend the print.

Hello @ll,
i print now this nice box for the Pi but it was a little bit to small (1mm) i think so i can only press the Pi mainboard into the box and it broken.
Is it possible to modify the box that they are 1-2mm width ?

Hope anybody can help


would you be able to update the file for the new 3B+ with fan no camera out?
There seems to be enough of a rearrangement on the layout that the fit is to tight and the alignment is just a bit off.
Thank you in advance.

I needed this too . modified one on tinker cad , its not perfect but it works , hope it helps ;-)

Hello!! very interesting your project. I wanted to know if the piece needs supports. What percentage of filling did you do? Thank you!!!!!

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Printed this, but had an issue with a 40mm x 40mm x 10mm fan. When mounting inside the case, the fan hits the heatsink on one of the chips. I think the case should be a little taller to account for the heatsinks, but good design.

Hi, is the fan 30 mm or 40 mm? and how do you interface it with the pi?

I am also confused

For some reason, I can't get the model to fit my Raspberry Pi 3 B+. The fit is WAY too tight (nearly breaking the plastic in half) and the ports seem to be misaligned by alot

I had the same problem, and did crack the case. I may edit the file and add 3 or 4 mm width on the rail side of the case and resize and position the hole for the 3.5 mm audio/video jack

It will fit a 3B+. You need to put the pi in at an angle to allow the USB ports to push through the back. If the USB ports are not pushed in far enough, the side ports will not be aligned.

Ok.. I got the pi in the case but I'm trying to put it together and I notice that the screw holes are misaligned just enough to where I can't screw in the M3 screws into the premade holes

Try using M2x20mm - that's what I used. I'm not sure about the misalignment issue. I did not see that when I printed mine.

The M2s are way too small.. <_> And this is the misalignment I'm talking about in the photos below

Okay, I see what you're saying now. The holes are misaligned on mine too, but not misaligned enough to prevent M2s from working, although with larger screws it would allow a nut on the end. I guess a proper fix would be a change to the model to allow proper fitment of the 3B+ so the screw holes are aligned, though you might be able to drill out the holes on yours. Mine is kind of a hack, but seems to work okay.
Edit: disregard the nut, I forgot the hole doesn't go all the way through.

I finally managed to get it aligned. However.. I do have a heatsink on the dram under the pi (the golden bit). Should I cut a hole out to ensure it won't melt the plastic bit?

I'd extend the sides in tinkerd(or 3d tool of choice) and add some standoffs under the board.

I don't have a heatsink installed there, so I'm not sure. Maybe try running it for a while and see how hot it gets.

Thanks for this design. Do you push air into the case or out of it please? I would assume into it, right?

Also, do you have heat sinks on your Pi? Will they fit in as well?

I'm curious about this as well... not sure if I should print the fan version or fanless and leave my heatsinks on

This won't fit a RPi 2 B, though ... is it supposed to? The ports are totally different than RPi3.

EDIT: Meant RPi 1 B, not 2 -- and realize this case is not meant to work with that version of the board.

Yeah. my bad -- meant RPi 1 B, not 2! Also realize it's not meant to fit that board.

Thanks man. Good Work!

Perfekt fit, even on Raspi 3 b+.

Have to cut off plastic on the right side of the usb ports, maybe you can make it a little bit thinner?

the small fan is 30mm??

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B does not fit with default STL size.

Yah, I thought so at first, too. But was inspired to try again thanks to Lars4606's comment. It does fit! It just takes inserting the pi at an angle that lets the USB ports fit through the back wall before the rest of the pi. A bit challenging, but snaps perfectly into place when it works.

It fits, at first I had the same issue. But the USB ports and so on have to be flush with the back wall.

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B does not fit with default STL size.

where do we install the sd card from?

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pourrais tu y rajouter un emplacement pour 1 relais unique et un convertisseur LM 2596 pour commander une rampe led?


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What happened to your Ender_3_Raspberry_Pi_2_3_mount_2rails-LM2596 case posted at www.thingiverse.com/thing:3075921?

Any chance you could post an stl of the rail insert? I'd like to glue it to another case since this is very bulky.

How did you design the rail anyways?

Did you ever find that rail insert? I just designed and printed one today which worked great. If you want I can share it, i.m new to this site so ill just post it if you want. You can then put it on whatever design you want.

Didn't find one. I would appreciate you sharing it!

Here it is, this is the first time I upload anything, hope I did it right.


Ender 3 Rail insert

Thanks. You did it just fine.

How did you measure the rail insert? Where did you get the dimensions?

I used the plastic end-cap that comes off at the very top cross rail. The one with the spool holder. My printer had a small plastic end cap. I took that off and measured their insert. I printed and adjusted a couple of times.

What size of bolts I need to put it together?

I used M2x20mm, and these worked fine.

I just used two of the smallest screws I had available. They carve a thread in the upper half of the case and keep it tight. Two screws were enough to keep it closed neatly for me.

Hi there. I'm having some difficulty getting my rPi 3B to fit. It seems the hdmi, A/V and power ports stick out a little bit from my board, making it difficult to slide or push into the lower portion, which seems to be fit for just the board itself. Would it be possible to move the walls for those cutouts out about 2mm to accommodate for the A/V? Or do you think I should try again but scale the bottom piece up slightly?

Thanks, and great idea and design!

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Good morning, would you be able to also post a 30mm fan cover without the holes for IO and camera cable?
Thanks in advance.

Could you please describe which screws you use for putting the two pieces together?
And also thank you for that great design! Works like a charm!

Hi, would you consider adding a version without fan, without opening slots? I tried to remix it to close off the holes but realize that the post bases were chopped for the slots.

Hi! You can find it as "upperpart_V2_noholes.stl"

Thank you for doing it so quickly! I noticed that while the slots are gone, there are holes in the top now? :)

What fan did you use and what pins did you use on the Pi to run it?

It takes power from the 5v line that goes to the pi too

Sorry, I am new to all of this. Are you talking about the micro USB power connector?
I was referring to the IO pins on the board. Also what fan did you use.
Is the housing made for a 40x40x10mm or a40x40x20mm?

You can use only a 40x40x10. Do not Power the fan from raspberry 5v IO if the raspi is Powered from microusb. In that case you either Need a separate 5v line or at least verify that the fan current doesn't exceed raspberry 5v line limit:750mA including the board itself. In my opinion the best way to do It is to Power both fan and raspberry( 5v GPIO input) from a separate and adeguate 5v line.

can you please make a 30 mm fan version for the 1 rail design please? it would be greatly appreciated

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Nice Design! I know it is probably a lot of work, but it would be awesome if you could add a version with two rails to mount to the ender 3 with the case beeing just as big in height as the aluminium extrusion (40mm). IMO it would just fit visually better to the printer and also make the whole thing more sturdy.

Yeah, 404 error now. :(

That link is returning a 404 error for me, Have you deleted it?

You are awesome, thank you very much :) Going to print it tomorrow!

Thank you, let me know if there is any problem. (Even if there shouldn't be...) ;)

Hey great design! I am curious though, how come you didn't putt 2 rails to attach it to the frame?

Hi! I didn't put 2 of Them because It is not neccessary and because the case couldn't have been slim as much

Awesome design! I've been looking for exactly this item for a few days, and finally stumpled upon this design. I made a design myself in Fusion, but couldn't seem to get it exactly right. I will definitely try this out :-)

Thank you! Let me know if you think there is something to upgrade!

Yes, it turned out quite great! Although I realised that the fan mounting didn't fit my Raspberry fan. I just used the supplied "no-fan" cover, and modified it slightly to fit my fan. I think it turned out really great, and I really liked the overall idea of the case, and how it easily screwed together.

I've attached the STL file i printed from here, and some pictures of the final build. You can use the file as you please. Despite from some minor printing issues on my part, it turned out great! Thanks a lot Giacomo :-)

Well, you're welcome and thank you for sharing it!
Maybe you want to write the dimension of your fan so (30mm?) for anyone who would use it. :-)