Filament filter and holder combo

by Askgov Jul 23, 2018
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If the two parts are Super-glued together, how do you replace the internal "cloth"?

I figured it was so fast to print that I'd rahter just print a new one

awesome! i had plans to model and print one of these!
I am a welder by trade and i use commercial versions of this for my mig and flux core wire before it goes into the wire feeder. i have one to clean and one to lubricate. it would be interesting if someone experimented with some dry lubricant that doesn't contaminate the fillament

The thumbnail of the clip on the spool will probably throw off a lot of people, it made me stop for a second and think and i already knew what this was haha.

Great work! great idea

Unless you are using a fixed spool for your filament, then this is just a fancy filament grip.
Once the spool rotates, the filament will snap out under pressure

But nice idea on the cleaner holder

Sorry, I am not 100% sure what you meant, but my intention is to remove the filament holder/cleaner from the spool itself when printing. So when printing the filament holder/cleaner is just sitting/ hanging on the filament itself and when it hits the back of your extruder it will be held in place by the force from the filament passing through. Thus the filament will get cleaned. I should have pointed this out in the description as I come to realize it's not completely self-explanatory :)

So thanks for pointing this out :D