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Heavy Duty e3D mount - FanMOD "Optimized23" *UPDATET*

by lange23 Jul 24, 2018
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You can give fusion archive or setup file if did in the other program?

Thinkercad - only this files

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You can send from tinkercad to fusion and save the step file and publish it or link to the file in the fusion cloud
P.S. here's how you can do it
P.P.S I use your airflow on ender 3 and I want to insert into the project of my new printer.

I tried to print the 3.0 abl one and I had a failed print twice. The first was without supports, the second with supports. I then realized it was because the abl part doesn't touch the ground but is in the air, so I had to use a raft. The non-abl ones are very good if printed without supports and very slow as long as the bridging works well.

It was all because of you. Support only from the print bed should work

The distance from the bed is around 0.2mm for the abl holder, so supports will not be generated with 1 separation layer if layer height is 0.2mm.
It works fine with a raft tho.

Thank You for Feedback. Do you want me to adjust it on occasion, or is that okay?

That's fine to me, I guess maybe fixing it would be better in case anyone would try printing and didn't notice it, up to you. :)

Also the left side abl still doesn't fit (crashes against x pulley) and the right one seems a bit weak, I had to make it stronger with glue because the heaviness of the abl was flexing it.

Can you please take a picture from the left and x pully? With me it fits, use it also, only I do not use ABL

I printed the 2.0_Heavy_Duty_Mount_Fanmod-23_left but the ABL doesn't fit because there is no space for the "nut" to rotate, especially on the bottom.

Thank you for youre feedback. Can u give how many space needed, to mak a redesign. Thank you

Hi. The nut has an external diameter of 27mm.
The flexible ring has an external diameter of 30mm and that'd be good to be supported for more stability, altough it's not extremely necessary.

Thank you so much for your feedback. I do what I can to make it fit.

You should also delete the fan mount with ABL on the left side, since it won't fit and just hit the X motor carriage.

New one online

The problem with this is the 5015 fan is not blocked from any side so it's free to rotate and it does so when changing direction.

Fan when changing direction? Or X Caddy. ? don't have a problem yet. But otherwise use the stabilizer from this project:

Creality minimalist fan set
by lange23


Very nice design. Would you have the offsets for the ABL?


Are the blowers supposed to fit in a tiny bit or just butt up to the opening?

This depends on the fan manufacturer

Could you pls upload a step file to remix it with ABL/ BLTouch/ TouchMI? Thy a lot!
(the left one might be okay - can mirror it to the right)

I'd also be very grateful, if you were willing to! Many thanks!

Sorry i dont have Step file