3DTouch mount for Re-X Carriage (Titan Aero extruder, Re-D-Bot)

by aleknest Jul 24, 2018
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Great design, just mounted this with orginal BL-Touch smart. but i have a problem. not with your design, but with configure the offset.
my nozzle is 1.7mm above bed.
i try to run the M851 Z-1.70, then store the setting with M500, then do a G1 Z0 . this will magainke my nozzle distance perfect. but when i press home again it returns to be too far from bed. i use repetier-Host + Slic3r and Marling 1.1.9
Hope you can help me, have used all this day trying to figure this out.

Home reset this offset.
I use M851 in start g-code
For example:

G1 Z15 F3000
G28 X Y
M851 Z-1.0

G28 Z


quite an ingenious design...i am building my d-bot 300x300 now, electrical wiring next and i just decided yesterday to go for titan aero extruder.

have you tested this design a lot yet?

also - are you using the original BLTouch? if not - can you recommend using some other brand?

-- have you tested this design a lot yet?

I've been using it for a month now. I set the offset by g-code M851

-- are you using the original BLTouch?

No, 3DTouch (TriangleLab)

would you recommend the sensor by your results and experience? :)

i am asking a lot around about this, because there is a s*it ton of options where to go (and it is marvelous <3)

I can't recommend it, because i can't compare 3DTouch and BLTouch. I have 3DTouch only.

My 3DTouch have wrong alarms anytime. So, start g-code looks like this:

M280 P0 S160 ; alarm realease
G1 Z15 F3000;
G28 X Y
M851 Z-0.9
G28 Z
M280 P0 S160 ; alarm realease
M280 P0 S160 ; alarm realease

ok thanks for reasonable answer :)