DJI Spark / Mavic Pro / Mavic Air. Mobile holder / mobile mount

by YohannG Jul 25, 2018
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Can you suggest someone to print this for me? Thanks!

Works great with my Spark remote and LG V35 phone with case.

GREAT design! Locks the phone in tight, places it only slight above the controller so the set up is very easy to use and allows the phone port (wherever it is located) to be easily accessed. DJI should ship their controllers with the same set up.

Thank you tcope !

Wow awesome finally I can use my note 9 without having to remove its case way more practical love it, great design

Thank you :)

Awesome ! :)

Using simplify 3D, slices the bracket/screws file incorrectly. Can you make the file?

I just regenerate the stl and I remelt the bodies. Can you try again ?

Just printed this today and it work fantastic, thanks for the upload, holds my S10 prefect with the short screw and a case on it and the stock cord is just the right lenght.use cura, ender 3 pro, and pla 20 in fill, screw tighten down just fine. Clevis41 may want to try a different slicer?

Thanks! It is a pleasure

i got other parts done and this screw is no good didnt even get to thread it in and it snapped off in my hand. there is a defect with the screw files both long and short

Try as defferent slicer like Cura. I've no problem with Cura

Great design, thanks !
But it seems that there is a problem at the junction between the screw part and linear part in the bracket and in the Longer screw. (i did not try the other one)
The two part are not so fine welded, the screw print failed totally, the bracket is ok but not fine.
I use symplify 3d to slice the objects.
I am going to try with Cura... or try to remake it.

I printed it with Cura and the result was great but for me i think the phone shoulb be more high from the command... i finally do not use it

O projeto e muito bom ,mas os arquivos estão com defeito , não imprima sem antes conserta-los

Strange, I try to download and I have no problem. Try to change your slicer

o projeto e muito bom ,mas as pecas estao com defeito

anyone having the issue of the screw part not coming out fully?

Realy like this one but i would need wider claws and longer screw to not take off the phones shell
Could you please do a longer screw

I made a longer screw, + 20 mm.

Thanks Works fine!

Very good design. Good fit with my Oneplus 6 even with the Nylon case on. It would be even better if the Tongs and the thread of the Screw will be a bit longer so it wouldn't fall off even when loosing the screw to fit the phone.

This is awesome! Works perfectly with my Pixel 2.

Very happy to know it. Thanks for the review !

This will also work with the Mavic Air same controller as the pro just no digital display.