Nova Helmet Concept

by HappyMoon Jul 27, 2018
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marvel should use this helmet model for the 2021 nova corps film it looks awessome

Hey Happy Moon, whatre you working on next?

I'm gonna try and attempt the Wasp helmet pretty soon, just collecting references at the moment :)

Sweet, I checked your twitter for updates and figured Id ask since I didnt see an update. Also I was thinking of printing the Antman helmet you made, noticed you updated it, should I go for it now or youre planning on updating it again?

looking forward to your new projects, hope you take a look at the spaceX helmet or some more concept art stuff

Yeah I was trying to add the texture on the black pieces of the helmet, but Blender doesn't want to work properly so I think it's done for now haha :D
That SpaceX helmet actually looks really cool! Like something from a Sci-fi movie :D

Honestly printing those textures and then cleaning them up in post is such a nightmare that Im happy you didnt include them :D
The SpaceX helmet is so amazing and I really hope they keep that design, mind you I even liked the space suit from The Martian but it is so much bulkier than spacexs'.

Any renders of the back to see how the color scheme follows?

Sure! A new image has been added :)

Awesome thank you so much!

Looks very awesome... I habe wanted to see a nova corps Helmer since I saw the first guardians of the galaxy movie... But can you also please make a rocket raccoon vor an Amt man funko pop Figure... Would be very nice ; )

Thanks, ah that sounds fun! Never considered making custom Funko Pops before :D

Would be so awesome... Thanks...

*Amt man

I asked and you definitely delivered. Thank you so much! :D

Thanks! I look forward to seeing how it turns out :D

Please also check messages :)

This looks amazing! I have to print this right after all your other prints! Really well done. Keep up the great work.

This helmet is awesome! My family and I are planning a Nova Corps cosplay for Megacon next year and this is going to be the helmet. Please make more things!!

Thanks, that's awesome! :D

This is the best nova helmet I have seen in three dimensions. This is so badass. It would be really cool to see a timelapse of your 3D modeling process. All of your models are so accurate and strong. And you are pumping them out SO fast! That would be cool but it is just an idea

Thanks so much! I did record the process of the Ant-Man helmet (which I keep forgetting to upload haha) :D

OMG I was just playing Telltales GoTG game today and thought to myself "man it would be awesome if someone designed one of Nova Corps Helmets to print, you sir deserve a cookie!

Haha that's awesome! Thanks! :D

My dude youre the coolest, seriously, youve given me a queue of things to build and I actually look forward to your projects! Im always tempted to make requests but I wanna see what youre cooking up next!

Nice work!. For the back part, u can make some holes of 3mm to put magnets on it :D

Thanks! New files have been added :)