Better standalone mod for Tevo Tornado

by Elektrolenin Jul 28, 2018
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How about flip the boards 90 degrees and have it on the left side and not have to worry about extending cables (besides probably for the screen}?

Thank you for this exceptional work and wait forward to the gen L version.

Even better standalone mod for Tevo Tornado

I have the CR-10 Dual Z Upgrade on my Tornado. I'd love to do this mod. Is there a way to accommodate the Extra Z axis motor with this mod.

I finished this mod (plus adapted a bit for a Gen L). As much as I love the placement and overall look, the performance tanked a bit due to the extended wiring, etc. I think I'm going to keep the enclosure but move it back to where the original brain box was and see if I can just get an extra piece of 2040 extrusion to keep it together (or maybe wood or a printed part) and at least go back to most of the original wiring. I think I'm going to see if I can take the design and make it work somewhere else on the frame. Plus then I could do the same as you and put the dual Z mod in at some point too.

Excuse me. You managed to modified for gen L? Would you share your creation please?
Thank you

Unfortunately I didn't modify the files, just printed the way it was and aligned the Gen L board USB port up and marked the holes and drilled them out for the Gen L. It's a tight fit due to the taper on the current mounts but it works just fine. Changing the design would be better. If I ever get the files, I'm thinking of making the whole setup skinnier in each direction and maybe have an option for it to just be a stand alone box since my new rear mount braces get in the way of the original mounting location.

Okay, thank you very much for your answer.

I wonder how it would look to turn it sideways and mount it to the rail coming up the right side? This way free the space for the dual Z, and set up the door so you have access from the side. put the power box to the rear, and have the board closer to the front. the height would have to be cut down, or an opening would need to be in place for where the Gantry comes down. Just passing thoughts. Nothing real at the moment.

I was definitely thinking along those lines but on the left side. I'd love to affix it to the frame but getting to the doors and having proper ventilation is a bit more important but if I can get my hands on the original files then I don't have to re-invent the wheel, if you will.

Is it compatible with the MKS Gen L?

Even better standalone mod for Tevo Tornado

For now it's not.

Hey, can you tell us where you found these long flat cables for the display? Thanks!

I used cables from another 3d printer

Any news on the MKS Gen L board mount?

Even better standalone mod for Tevo Tornado

+1, second, like, etc. Happy to help here too when I have free time if someone wants to post the design files. ;)

Even better standalone mod for Tevo Tornado

This is a great job and idea. I personally do not really like the fact to have all the electronics under the printer, having the raise it.

My "concern" is that I have the "new" Tornado that came with the MKS Gen L board.
I'm a beginner in 3D design, but maybe I can help to redesign the bottom piece (I designed a piece for my Anet A8)?

Would you mind sharing your files for easier editing ?

Ok, maybe also the top piece as I think it would be easier to print if the "holes" for the air flow are verticals and not oblic ?

Thanks in advance :)

Even better standalone mod for Tevo Tornado

I'm planning to remodel this to support mks gen l boards, but it will take some time.What files format do you need? I'm modeling in siemens nx

Thanks for your reply. I will not promise anything quick either.
I'm using Fusion 360 or Google Sketchup?

I don now k ow exactly what format can manage Fusion. I'll check ASAP.
In which format can you export?

I'm still having a hart time printing the doors. The door itself prints beautifully but the hinges seem too thin and never seem to print correctly. Such a waste since the rest of the door turns out pretty well. Also those little numbs at the opposite side of the hinges never seem to print. You're post says you printed at .2mm layer height but S3D slices the nubs but doesn't seem to even try to print them in whatever printer I put them in.

I know about this problem, the hinges like this is rather hard to print. I'll make version of doors without hinges.

To print numbs you need in S3D go to advanced -> external thin wall type -> allow single extrusion walls. Maybe it will help

Also to print hinges correctly you need to turn off supports

Just as an FYI, tried slicing the doors in Cura with as close to the same settings as we were using in S3D as I could figure. The hinges printed beautifully but the latch numbs just wouldn't fully print again. Too many retractions in too small of an area. I'm sure they'd print just fine if I disable retractions (tested and that works BTW but just an "uglier" print). Anywhere we can design these pieces to avoid or minimize retractions will likely end up with a more printable version of the files for all printers that can handle the size. Once I get my TLM back up and running I'm going to try printing again on that. Prints a lot quicker as well.

Tried your settings. Got closer but hinges and nubs still don't really print. I think I may be having some extrusion issues after retraction that I'm working through but also about to convert the Tornado to a Bondtech direct drive with a Volcano hot end so we'll see how that does. Will also try it on my Tevo Little Monster when it's up and running again.

However, if you re-design goes to something other than the nubs and beefs up the hinges, I wouldn't be sad.

I have S3D. I'll definitely give it a try with those settings. Thanks for the feedback.

Huge favor. Can you tweak and re-post the Lower Door to have another 120mm fan instead of an 80? Also, do you have any pics of the back section, behind where the mainboard is mounted and the accessibility of the USB port? I also have a GenL board in my Tornado. Can you tweak the board mounts to support the Gen L? Did you re-build all of the wiring yourself? Or did you buy extension harnesses? If extensions, where did you get them from? Thanks!

Even better standalone mod for Tevo Tornado

I have this modifications in plan, but not sure when i will be able to make them. Lower door need full rework for 120mm fan, so it will not be fast. To support MKS Gen L all lower part also needs full rework. In the back section there is only wires going down to the hole in bottom of lower part. USB port is used through the hole in back of lower part. I remade all wires to make them longer, it's rather easy.

That's great news. I was hoping that maybe if I printed the upper door twice it may just clip in using the same dimensions. Oh well. Did you keep the same harness connectors for the wiring, as if it were still plugging into the original brain box? Or did you re-make the whole harness to fit the new configuration from mainboard to motors, endstops, etc.? I know you said that the two sections I was inquiring about would need a full re-work but I'm wondering if it would make sense to just add the mounts for the Gen L board locations to the existing design. That way if someone has a newer or older model Tornado it would work for both boards. I had a similar thought process on the 120 vs. 80mm fan doors, just adding the hard mounts for both in the same design would give the person printing it the option of using one size or the other. Just an idea, plus it may save time in the design process.

The door from lower part will not fit the upper and vice versa. Parts have different size. I'm planning to remodel everything to make doors universal.

I cutted wires and added a 0.5 meter piece in middle of each. Even in display harness.

MKS gen L has different size and socket locations, so it will be better to make different lower part for it to make everything work good.

Perfect. I'll keep an eye out for it. I'm going to go ahead and print what you have posted now anyway since I'm having some major overheating issues with the current brain box and my steppers on the Gen L. I basically have it sitting open with a 120mm fan sandwiched between the wires and the PS on its own power supply so it's constant and reliable. Just looks ugly.

Can this not be mounted to the left side of the printer without having to extend the cables?