Panda Cookie Cutter

by katai Sep 11, 2012
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Scaled to x=50mmm, y=33.38mm and z=20mm. Worked awesome! (though 2cm is to much)

my wife is concerned that it will cut the inner patter to deep and we'll end up with lots of panda pieces instead of a panda cookie. other than that, it a great print

So how do you avoid the thin walls of this print from deforming during the print? I seem to have a problem with thin tall walls...

It depends on the design and how well it works with your printer. The diameter size of the nozzle isn't the same on all machines. I have a replicator 2 with a .4mm hole on the nozzle. My friend has a solidoodle 4 and his has a .35mm nozzle. My designs do not work well on his machine. My cookie cutter walls are offset by .6mm. I have to make his with an offset of .5mm for best results. There is a slicer called Simplify3D that has an excellent feature that allows you to increase or decrease these wall thickness problems. It's not as good as fixing the design, but it works pretty well. The slicer isn't free, but it's worth the price.

I guess that depends on what kind of deformation you're seeing. If you're seeing drooping, it might be that you're printing too hot. I used to have this problem where the plastic would just miss the wall. It resolved itself when I tried for thinner layer heights and slower printing.