Creality CR-10 Legs

by FLOWALISTIK Jul 30, 2018
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Doesn't look like the designer answers any questions such as:

  1. Where the middle leg goes.
  2. is it 3 leg system or u need to print two pairs of 2 corner legs?

What did you do with the filament spool?

A word of caution: you need to rearrange the cabling to the control unit if you want to effectively place it under the CR-10. Especially the wiring to the heated bed needs to be moved.

How to rearrange the cabling?

What type of nuts and bolts did you use for this? Cool design btw

A taller version that has extra height for this would be awesome: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2729888

Granted, I could simply scale the legs vertically but that leads to thicker walls, longer screws and alot of wasted filament.

Anyway, just a suggestion... Great Design in any case.

CR-10 120mm Fan Base

Where and how do the middle legs attach?

How did you get this to print so well? My printer sucks compared to that. Can you give some tips to get as good of a print as your?

You should integrate this project with squash ball mount to reduce vibrations on the table. Give it a chance!

Squash Ball Anti Vibration Mount For 3D Printer (CR-10/CR-10S) by mce076 [REMIXED]

why are there two corner legs, are they different?

doh! ok self-answered by looking at the profile of my frame

Great design! I really like your others designs as well. I have just printed the first 2 corners and a middle leg at 0.3 mm layers with 30% infill and they feel very sturdy.
Do you use the middle leg on each side?
Also, what size and length screws did you use?
And do they require T-nuts, etc?

Thanks again!

might be a dumb question but where to the middle ones go?

Comments deleted.

these would be great for when i get a CR10S, i have limited desk space and this will save me some space by putting the power supply underneath it! thanx!

Do you foresee any problems if printed in PLA?

What about cable length when the Axis are at their full limits. Have you run into any problems there? Also, do you have an additional stand for the PLA Spool holder?

you could propose other improvement for the anet e10 which are more oriented on the design
sorry for my english I am french

I really like the idea, I would print them out but my only concern is the potential for increased shaking/wobbling that may end up showing on the prints. Has this been an issue, or is the printer still working as well as it did before?

I printed them with high infill %, and I haven't noticed any shaking.

do they work with the CR-10 mini

It should. If it works on an Anet E10, it should work on a CR-10 mini, as they both use a very similar frame.