Alexa Cup Holder Mount

by ICEPICKTONY Jul 29, 2018
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Just wanted to give you an update...been running mine in my black truck in south Texas since August...worked great! Even in PLA. I was expecting to come out and find it melted. A bit of deformation of the VERY tips due to the small size but works well. Just FYI my print failed the bottom 1/5 that goes into the cup holder. I cut it off and still used it. Might think about it to save some filament.

Just what I was looking for. My wife and I both have these in our car. What did you print out of? Gets really hot here in the summer. I’d be afraid it would melt.

Thank you. Mine was printed in PLA. My printer does not support ABS. It has been in my car though on days over 95, and has not yet deformed. My car does have tinted windows, but it is a black car. If you have ABS, I would go that route if heat is a big concern for you though.

Thanks, I live in South Texas. I'll print one in my pla to test it but have PETG I can test as well as PLA+