MiSTer Sidecar USB case add-on v1.1 for MiSTer - Case Universal

by NegSol Aug 4, 2018
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Hi NegSol
Any chance you can make a version of this Sidecar that is compatible with the XS case, with openings on the side for the power adapter and USB output?

There is always a chance :-P - No really - for the regular USB board I worked on a prototype for the XS case. I ran into some issues due to the limited room available. The board is pretty big and could run into problem when being inserted. That is why I did not finish it yet. Maybe I will pick it up during the holidays this years. However, as long as I am not building a full XS cased based MiSTer myself. I plan on releasing these future XS specific designs with big WIP disclaimer for bold testers only :-)

Ok, thanks for the quick response NegSol

Okay, I just took another look at it. In fact the .stl posted here is already an auto-repaired one (using flashprint). Of course it is not perfect and still got some strange looking polygons. That has to do with the method I used for designing it. I did a lot of work using meshes and not solids. So basically yes, it could be improved in this regard. But since it prints just fine and even shapeways accepts it, I do not see any need for improvement. Please try auto-repair of your favorite slicer and see if it turns out fine :)

Maybe try the autorepair function if available. I used flashprint to print this. I will take another look at it later today.

I love the idea of this case, but when importing the base into simplify3d, it complains about invalid faces. And when importing it TinkerCAD, there are indeed some very strange faces going on. Any ideas?