Ender 3/Cr-10 Raspberry Pi Case with PiCam Slot

by Metalluka Jul 30, 2018
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I am still learning, I have only had my ender 3 for 2 weeks. Do I need supports? I have it orientated with the SD card on the print bed. but Cura shows that the vents have over hang. Thanks in advance.

Perfect! I am a little concerned with the heat, but I think its perfect for my B+ until I decide what to do next - I had my pi sitting out unprotected before.

Heatsinks - I used a flat 15x15 1.5mm GPU heatsink on the bottom network chip and a 5mm copper heat sink on the CPU, along with a standard (tall) aluminium heatsink on the RAM.I did have a bigger heatsink on the CPU it takes 30 seconds to rip it off, clean the gunk off and stick another on. Hardly worth worrying about wasting the time to post a lame comment.

Fits on the rails perfectly, not so tight, but not sloppy. Print with the SD slot on the bed, without any issues whatsoever.


Its way to tight for the rails, I broke mine. Very nice design though. If you decide to print it, scale it up to minimum 102%
I did not try to scale it, I will try another one, tired of rails not fitting the prints =)
Thanks anyway

I looked around and could not find a design then this so I ended up printing it again.
I resized it in cura. I increased Z with 1 mm and it fits perfect now. Thanks for a beautiful design !

Resizing this model by Increasing the Z should do absolutely nothing to adjust the rail fit. Your suppose to print this model vertically, with the sdcard opening side of the case flat on the bed. Therefore, increasing the Z will just make the case longer, front to back. If your just popping this model into your slicer and printing it in the orientation it imports in, your doing it wrong. I wish all authors on here would just orientate theyre models in the correct printing orientations to begin with, so rotating before printing wasnt necessary, but that just doesnt happen. I just printed this model on my Ender 3 Pro, with it in the correct printing orientation, and it fits the rails fine as is, in fact it's a little loose and slides freely on the rails.

Hi Bluegizmo83! I printed it with my Ender 3S(pro) vertically with the SD card opening flat on the bed. My make is really hard to fit. Did you have to disassemble the control box to slide in or it would just snap into the rail?

It is too tight fit, I was unable to slide it on rails. :(

Mine was also really, really tight but I got it on in the end (was a bit of a struggle), I wonder if printing 1-2% larger in the Z Axis might help? I don't know as I haven't tried that yet, but just an idea.

How bad of an idea is it to use a stock Pi 3 model b with no heatsinks?

I’ve had no issues with mine.

where is the end bit that covers the ports?

Read the Summary under Thing Details

How difficult it is to add cutouts for the heatsinks? Can you do it? Or point me in the right direction?

I used Fusion 360. It's free for non-commercial users. I'd suggest doing this yourself as a design exercise.

Look on YouTube for tutorials on Fusion 360 basics and how to import, modify, and create STL files with it.

It's not difficult once you're familiar with the software.

WARNING. This does not work if you have a standard heatsink on your Pi, I wasted hours and material on this case only to find it doesnt work.

Mine has heatsinks and works perfectly!

Hi, print direction? Standing or like it's on the picture?

Standing up. Flat face with opening for microSD slot on the print bed.

Nice design! Would love to see a more zoomed out picture, sort of how the whole printer base looks with this! (posted this on the only make posted this far as well!)

I choose to put mine on the outside but you might be able to fit it underneath the bed if you want it tucked away.

Ashley! Thanks for your mod. I printed it, and it worked flawlessly. Perfect!