Ender 3 Tool Holder

by Pickle_Rick_1 Aug 1, 2018
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I have the Ender 3 Pro (more narrow Power Supply). This Tool Holder is too wide for it. However this adapter fits like a glove and looks nice to boot! https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3834547

Now all is well and I really like this Tool Holder. Thanks!

Ender 3 Pro Tool Holder (Pickle_Rick_1) Adapter

Maybe you could make it have a fan shroud air deflector added to it ,or a seperate shroud that fits around the tool holder ?
anyway i use it all the time . Thanks !!!

not wide enough for my sainsmart ender 3, cracked the side putting it on the top of the psu. not sure how the tool holder ended up on the opposite side of the PSU, but I'm pretty sure that's user error when I was trying to print it so the bigger portion printed first.

Great desing, but if you have the ender 3S it will not stand because it large. It need to reduce about half ofvthe actual size.

Thanks for your contribution to ender 3 upgrades!
Just would like to include my point of view, you could have saved on the print time and filament usage by at least half if a minimalistic design approach was adopted. That block housing the allen keys and spanners is unnecessarily long. Too much filament usage in that portion!

Perfect fit and most useful upgrade to the ender 3. Awesome job. I used the supports btw.

If you have a Pro and have already printed this, then please try out my fix here for an adapter plate. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3524883

Ender 3 to 3 Pro Tool Holder Adapter

Wish I would read comments first, just wasted 11:40 hours printing and it doesn't fit the pro.

Please update your header to say ender 3 only or put somewhere that it doesn't fit the pro.

Other than the wasted time it did come out nicely. tho, just wish i could actually use it.

Thank you for the design. It looks great.
Is it normal that the slicer software (Cura) tells me it will take more than 16 h of printing time? I am newbie but it seems like a lot of work.
What was your estimated printing time?


Cura doesn't give the exact print time. If you print it upright, it needs supports, if inverted by 180°, then no supports are needed. But even for me, with 0.2 layer height and 20% infill took 9.5 hours and much of the material was wasted...it wasn't necessary to be this bulky looking IMO!

Comments deleted.

I print my. went super nice.
Then I saw: It do not mach!!!!


If you still have the printed part, you can try my adapter plate https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3524883

Ender 3 to 3 Pro Tool Holder Adapter

i wish i had read this, drat

Hey. I printed mine and Im having trouble removing the supports for where the spatula goes. I printed it upside down and I got the supports for the wrenches and screwdriver out, as well as about half of the spatula support but the other half seems caught on something

Is there anywhere to add a spot for a glue stick?

Just printing this now, first long print on the Ender 3!!

I learned the hard way that the Ender 3 Pro with the meanwell power supply does not have the same dimensions as the Ender 3. Is this a waste then or is there something out there like an adapter to utilize this tool holder? 29.91 mm x 114.92 mm

why I did not read You post first?? :(:(:(
I got Ender PRO

How do you suggest to print this? Standing as how the stl opens? That asks for a lot of supports.

i printed it upside down, though it is already a long print, whats another hour if it gives you better quality?

Hi! Just saw this and I loved it! Only one thing that I think would fit my needs a little more. Any way you could add a small notch to fix calipers? Like this design. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2884159 I like your design a lot more, and I guess its not that big of deal to put my calipers on the table next to my printer, I guess I'm just add. But great design!

Ender-3 Tool Caddy V2 and V3

This tool holder is perfect if you ask me. It fits all the tools nicely and moves the snippers to the back away away from the kids.Plus it doesn't rattle when things move and the tools are well out of the way of the printing surface.

Inside wall (left wall front the front side of the printer) is too thin. broke when i slid the holder onto the supply.

Hey Thanks for the feedback... i am not 100% sure what Happened... i added a rev 2 with more support in the rear due to a little bit of tolerance issue from other ender power supplies . It is not supposed to slide into place though it is supposed to sit above the power supply so you can get your cutters in there. i added more pictures in model also just to make sure others can see how it sits. if you send me a pic of your issue and there is a change i can make i will do it.

Think More sd slots for big and small would be nice.

Hey Thanks for the feedback... I added an accessory piece that snaps on top including your suggestion.

I'll go away now... But hey your design is the best out of all the power supply ideas! Thanks again!

Thanks for the comments, i'll look into adding some more stuff on a rev 2....There is a spot for the nippers under the tray(and above the PWS)

I wish i could draw! Hey maybe even use the notch for the nippers off of this holder. With with your design and the ender 2 tray! https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2886395

Ender 3 / CR-10 Tool Holder

Hey Thanks for the feedback... I added an accessory piece that snaps on top including your suggestion.

Maybe a remix with this tray. The file has a plain one with out the slot notch. That would rock too! https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2703301

Tool tray for the Creality Ender 2
by ed1380

That's better! Thanks