Kill team tokens

by biscuitoman Jul 30, 2018
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Honestly I've been running into this odd behavior where my Ender 3 goes absolutely haywire anytime I try to print your tokens or include them in any batch prints! They look lovely but apparently Cura and or my printer aren't a fan.

How odd. We've had plenty of people slicing these using cura, so it might be a bug or something in your settings. What do you mean by haywire?

Ran one of the remixes (the double sided) and it printed without issue. A fresh install of Cura on a separate machine didn't work to solve the issue with this particular .STL. Essentially after the first layer (or at some point during it) the machine's steppers sounded as if they were over torquing themselves and skipping, the X axis would sway side to side on the rail, and the Y-axis bed would move forward and back in seeming patterns extruding all over the place. Super bizarre, and I'd never run into the problem and have been using this particular Ender 3 with these settings for some time. This happened two times before I moved to a different .STL all together.

That's truly bizarre. Maybe there's an inverted normal in the model it isn't handling? If you solve this one let me know and I'll update the file. Thanks for the info.

What is the recommended layer height and infill density %

I printed mine at 0.13mm layer height with 3 top, bottom and side walls. I set infill to 22%, but I suspect because of the size, it was effectively 100% solid.

Really great and handy designs. Thanks for putting these out for us.
They came out great!

They look awesome! I've still yet to paint the raised edges on mine. Did you use a pause and different filament, or did you paint the tops?

I painted them. First with a white primer and then drybrushed them orange to match the kill team colors.

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I made a holder for your tokens! https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3056987

Tokenholder for printed tokens
by FluffyB

That's awesome! I need to print one. Thanks!

These are really great - I added two 'shaken' variants in the linked remix. Edit: Oh - I see, I took the small square one to be a flesh wound token, not shaken.