Simple Tritium GTLS Lantern for EDC

by erckgillis Apr 18, 2014
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Resize based on your printer and materials shrinkage

there are way to big for the vial

Do these need to be resized at all? mine is printing but looks like it will be too big for a 3x22.5 vial.
Also, how did you secure the vial into it? I'm thinking I'll have to use glue but I'm not sure how well it'll stick to the vial.

Yes, resizing varies with your materials and printer software. The ABS shrinks more than PLA so try 102% and try to make the vial opening LARGER than 3x22.5mm

I use coloured polymer clay the same shade as the filament. Then glue that! Its also easy to remove.

Okay thanks, I'll just have to experiment with it, because using makerbot software without adjustment I ended up with one that was way too big (the area where the vial would go was more than 30 mm long, and the opening was significantly too wide)

I did the original on a SLS system with .5mm mininimums

I would adjust the walls to 1-3mm for your printer.

I am printing ok now in "fine" mode in PLA with 0.2mm layers and a 0.3mm head. I slowed down print speeds and did only one model at a time.

try not to use any draft or high speed settings. Try printing on it's side?


No drafting, and I took the speed down to the slowest I could.. and I still wasn't successful. :/

I tried .2mm and .1mm layers. Doing 1 model a a time, it seemed I ended up with a melted blob, so I did 2 with some distance and it worked better until it got to the top, then started stringing again. Seems I am cursed on getting this to print.. I hope I get there since I already have the vials!

Thanks for the tips!

I have other finished Models on my Shapeways store for sale. http://www.shapeways.com/shops/erck

Or Try a different model for your printer. Did you use supports? I would try a bigger design and fewer unsupported bridges.

Good Luck!

Yea, other models work just fine. I haven't tried doing anything this small before though. Well, I printed some really small keychains recently and those worked, but they were flat (I haven't tried changing the orientation yet).

I did try with supports. Unfortunately I am using Makerware software (I have a Wanhao Duplicator 4) and when I select supports, it puts supports all the way through the center, too. Not sure that I would be able to get those out.

Very cool! I have purchased a few of the vials.. now trying to print the cases. The problem I am having though is that it starts out well, but when it gets to the thinner part, the ABS isn't adhering and I end up with a big ball of spaghetti. I am trying to print 6 of them at a time.. 2 of each major design. Any suggestions, or special settings that you used to get a successful print of these that you can share?

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