Labyrinth gift box (VASE MODE)

by BDflight Aug 1, 2018
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I printed a small one in ABS
"BOTTOM_vase_mode" Line width 0.5mm, scale 50%
"LID_vase_mode" Line width 0.5mm, scale 51%

I just printed the deep notch version @ 98.75% for X & Y and it came out perfect on my ender 3 with PLA @ .2mm.

pro tip; if you want to give these to multiple people, but don't want them to be able to help each other, mirror it.

What settings in CURA do I need to get a lid, in vase mode (spiraliszing) I only get tubes.

Read psiho's post and instead of scaling the parts so they fit better, I increased the perimeter extrusion width to 0.6.

This made the prints more rigid and slightly larger so they fit really nicely with no skipping of the notch over the puzzle walls.

I'm printing 15 of these to put my nieces and nephews Christmas gifts in. It should be fun watching them try to open them up!

This is great! So practical as not everybody needs thick slow printing copies. Thnx!

However, it requires a little bit of fine tuning to print it perfectly. Here are my 2c, I hope it helps:

Point is that cap is a bit loose which allows cheating/skipping. I don't think larger knob is a best solution, it will still leave wobbly cap even if it stops cheating. I think you need to scale cap (x, y axes only!) to make a perfect, snug fit without touching knob size. I think model is designed a bit wobbly and you have to decrease size of cap before printing. I spent a lot of time calibrating my printer and am pretty sure that for properly calibrated printer you have to do this.

By design, cap is 31,6 mm wide and bottom part is 30 mm wide. That is 1,6 mm difference. For my setup (0,4mm nozzle printing 0,3 layer height, and 0,4 line width, vase mode, Cura, Anet A8, PLA) I think that is too much. 1,2 mm difference seems perfect. So, when printing cap, I've setup x and y axes at 98,75% but don't copy %, just make sure width of the cap is 1,2mm more than width of the base.

This is also helpful for wobbly caps... don't throw them away!!! Just write down width you used, and print another bottom part, now increased a bit in x and y axes until you make a perfect, snug fit. You will not throw anything away and will finish with several perfect fit gift boxes.

Again, my sweet spot was 1,2mm difference. Depending on your printer (calibration) and material, it might be something else. You will know what perfect fit is when you completely screw down the lid. Only then I noticed box has a small knob at the last position which locks cap from unintentional unscrewing.

Thanks for your extensive comment! Scaling it or printing it a little bith thicker as proposed in the other comment would indeed be a better option than using a deeper notch. I printed mine on the 3D printers of our local FabLab, so I had to go with their settings.. I'll take your comment into account in the description of the parts. Have fun with them!

Printed in PETG @.2mm for testing. I first printed the bottom (left) and the deeper notch version (right). I found the fit to be too loose just as you did. Printed again at your recommended 98.75% size (center) for the X and Y. The fit is great and much better than the default. Using PETG makes for a flexible and durable container while being slippery for smooth movements. I will be printing many more soon. Clear bases with solid tops to limit cheating though.

Hi 1Eye, what do you recommend at 98.75% scale? The regular notch or the deeper notch version?

I just printed the regular notch at 100% and it's loose and allows for cheating towards the end (I should have read comments first). But not sure if I should scale to 98.75% the regular notch or the deeper notch. I wouldn't want to scale the deeper to 98.75 only to have it end up too tight.

i printed this, but is was so thin that you can just slide it apart

Oh thats unfortunate. The ones I printed were quite a snugg fit and very stiff. Printer settings probably?

I had the same problem. I think having a slightly larger knob on the lib would fix it as the overall fit is actually really nice.

I edited the notch and made it a bit deeper. I did not try to print it yet though. If you do, let me know if it is better.