Mini RONI (Carbine conversion for most GBB Airsoft Pistols)

by mussy Aug 3, 2018
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mate we'll do it for glock c18. English is not good because I could not fully understand. which files do you need to print please help?

MINI & LARGE PDW (Airsoft Carbine Conversion Kit)
by mussy

Does the glock a do not fit those as above?

only WE Glock 17 & 19 fits the above, not 18c

which screws should we use? and do we fit the glock 18c?

Glock 18 will not fit its only 30mm wide, V2 is wider @ 40mm

i have a problem the rail test at 110 goes well, but the cocking handle at the same % is so big
even at 100% is big

Stick it on with Hot Glue

that is a g17kjw? porcentaje u printed?


Thanks for the model, looks amazing. Was wondering if you could help me out. Trying to fit the test rail on my KJW G23 ( I believe it's closest to the G19 in terms of dimensions, not 100% sure). I think the top part of the rail is a little too wide. What are your thoughts? I can try editing on tinkercad would just like some overview, have no idea what I'm doing lol

I can send more pics if need be!

Thanks in advance!

Will this work with marui px4? I dont have 3d print, so i sent this file to others to print.
Here my px4 measure in mm

doesnt work with my Elite arms G17 GBB

What seems to be the issue?

rail doesnt fit.

Did you print the rail test first?

no, its too narrow

Print the RAIL TEST.STL again but bigger this time @ 105% and test again, increasing by 5% until it fits, then you can print the other parts larger too.

can i ask if is suitable with the ppq? i see a p99 inside ?

Mine is a Walther PPQ not P99

i have the ppq to so it fits :P thanks!!!

You just need to remove the rear and front sights ;)

perfect! :P

HI, I really love your designs especially the short Mini Roni, but is this kit compatible with the WE M9A1 ?

Awesome model! Could you make it fit for the Cyma Cm030 (Glock 18C AEP)? Tks

It should my test pistol was 18c , just print the rail test first

Comments deleted.

It fits at 110% but leave a big gap under the rail

ok print it @ 110%

Awesome job you did there. Could you also make it fit for the Novritsch SSP1?
It would be a killer :-) if you could make it fit for the SSP1, mate :-)

Hey Jeroen, v2 works on 1911s its in my designs

It would be cool if you made a carbine like this (if not a modification to this exact model) but removed the extra mag pouch so it just had a slot for a picatinny rail at the bottom. Now that would be epic.

do you knows if the CZ P-09 fit in ?

I don't know, I only tested it on Glock & Walther

You have insane skills my friend! I don’t know how you do it :) Never had so much fun airsofting since finding your designs. Would love to see a replica of the KPOS if you had the time :)

Any of your conversion kit is compatible with GBB 1911? I really want to make one. TY

This only fits GLOCKs and WALTHERS without sights

is possible put a M92 beretta ?

Nike job Mussy! TKS

Its my pleasure mate

Will any of these work with the EMG SAI BLU?

Kai, how wide is the slide, how much travel does the slide have to the rear?

Hey Mussy, Great Design, would love if you could make SPLIT_UPPER_B about 15-20mm longer to account for airsoft pistols (such as the marui hk45) with a really long blowback. I put it all together and blew off the 2 rear screw holders when the slide rode back!

Thanks for a great design!

Hey Thanks, I just added it, its the last STL increased by 30mm to be on the safe side

Your an absolute saint :)

Thanks lol

can you make one for the glock 43?

All my Carbine Conversion should work on it apart from MINI RONI , you just need a rail in front of the trigger guard

hi can you make a version without the magazine holder with just the rail under the barrel ?

Hi, Medium Roni in my designs

Your work is perfect. Congratulations.
It would be cool a version with a foregrip, instead of the magazine holder.

Medium RONI (Carbine Conversion)
by mussy

I also really liked this other project, but I found the Mini RONI butt much prettier. :D

Its almost the same the only difference is the vent holes & the ejection port ;)

how do you fix the pistol in the mini roni ?
and for the AW Costum glock and the VFC glock 17 gen4 it doesnt fit so i had to remove some material

Lucas, You might need to cut a small chamfer (only a few millimeters) with a blade on the rear of the rails, make sure there are no strings or blobs of plastic on the rails as they are a very tight fit. Can you show me photos of the rail?

Wonderful! I had lost my cocking handle for my mini, so THANK YOU

Thanks, Its my Pleasure

My friend I want to learn to model in 3d, to see if I can make a kits for firearms, without renting rs, what software you use to create these pieces, or which one you indicate,

Hey Silvio, In my opinion the best software to start with is 123Ddesign & once you get better you can use FUSION 360, let me know if you need any help designing an object, I can also send you videos that teach you the basics, Designing is like playing chess you have to think at least 3-5 moves ahead ;)

Hi my friend, actually I'm seeing lessons on youtube about Fusion 360, I want to model exactly roni kits, if u have any video about it, or any tips ...

Hello, I can not understand the files? there are two models is this?

Choose one of the uppers, there are 4 to choose from, then choose a rear and all the stock parts & you are sorted

When you say v2 is shorter, do you mean ypur Medium Roni ?
I prefer this design, but I cannot fit it on my A8 200mm bed.
Would it be possible to make a 2 part upper for this fantastic project?
I would like to use it for my airsoft Glock 18 AEP.

Hi Thierry, this is 274mm and it's impossible to make it any smaller unless I split the upper for you and you glue it together (which will not be strong enough in my opinion), the Medium RONI is under 190mm and has a better clamping system

Mussy, do you think it would be possible to replace the stock of your medium version by the stock from this one (either foldable or non foldable version) ?
I don't like the stock tube look for a small PDW, and I have no way to extend my print bed...

Thx a lot :)

It's my pleasure :)

Mussy, you can lower this slightly to fit the 200mm printer

V2 (Medium RONI) is the same design but shorter & the mag well removed and the holes moved 74mm towards the muzzle.

Hey Nice Projekt ! Which Filament did you use ABS PLA .... ?

Thanks I used PLA (Minadax® @ 220C)

Hi just asking what's the filament called you used?

Hi its a special paint that has a granite effect, the filament was normal black and white

Oh awesome thanks also another question can I print all these parts on my flash forge creator pro?

these parts are too big but you can print my next design its under 200mm

Ah awesome thanks dude!

Its my pleasure mate

Well... annoying me again, with more ideas for design tweaks XD...

What about making a hole where the "under rail" is on "UPPER_RONIN", you you can put a screw with a flat bottom (like not a wood skrew) there and screw in up against the bottom part of gun rail, this 'cause the guns has a rail lock as in a "rail" that goes 90 degrees compared to normal rail, where you can like put a screw which lock the gun into place. If you don't know what I mean, just look on the underside of gun with rail and you will see what I mean :)

Yep I had the same problem too, it slides back after a few shots like a bump stock, that is the reason I split v2 in 2 pieces it can clamp the rails on the pistol from both sides thus no sliding issues

how crazy my friend MUSSY it's good that everyone likes this design we go for more, greetings from a distance

Thanks mate, did you print it yet ?

On ronin 12 final version stronger stock A: there is a gap between the Stock D and stock pipe if you check really closely I think you have to merge them together more (cause my gcode picked up the spacing and printer would have been printing in air on the start of stock )

Yes you're rite thanks for pointing it out ;) , just fixed it

Awesome :)) btw the rails are NATO standard, right?

They should be I adjusted them for shrinkage by 5%

is that a dummy or a working airsoft?

The Glock is only a lower & the Walther is working

Is it Possible to make Stock_F_RONIN_MINI and REAR_RONIN_MINI to one singel part? less gluing and such stuff and probably better durability. (maybe something to keep in mind for the version 2 :)), also would it also be possible to make the whole Stock holding part pluss REAR__RONIN_MINI to one singel part too? For those who wants to have a fixed stock to the "gun". Which would mean that you attach the stock in same way and glue it on, but in this case there are not more than one part between the actual stock and the RONIN Upper part... Just some ideas that got in my head while assemble it :)

Hey, Yes I can upload a single piece stock, the reason I cut it was because most people have small printers and a lot my followers said that it was too big to print, I'll upload the files later today, Thanks for the feedback ;)

Also how much plastic will RONIN V2 take ish? (just wondering if I need to go downtown and get more ;)

390g including raft and support, 200g less than V1
Although it might change slightly on the final model after I conduct my tests ;)

Awesome work man, love where your taking this, real version would be amazing. I know the Roni stocks arnt cheap.

Keep up the great work boss !

Thanks Buddy :) I've already finished the designs I'm just waiting to test print the parts and publish V2

I've got a We-Tech 1911 Hi-Capa GBB. Think this will fit?

How wide is the slide?

It will work as long as its under 30 mm , you might have to remove the sights

Good to know. I am looking forward to V2

Me too lol ;)

About this new version you are talking about. What if you skipped the whole stock part and only made a shoulderplate attachable to a carbon fiber pipe with diameter of like 20mm (which of course attaches to the actual gun part in some way), it would save weight and be a lot stronger and LOOK BADASS LIKE **** ;)

Thanks for the BADASS Idea ;) it was very similar to what was working on, its an M4 style stock with a square pipe instead of the round one almost twice as wide as a standard M4 stock, I'm also working on a one piece P90 stock with a fixed bullpup stock

Wish they had one for the 1911 style airsofts ;)

Buddy your wish is my command lol, which one do you have?

1991A1, same as the 1911, 5" government model
My EDC...I call her Miss Marlboro....she is an older lady, well refined, and quite timid...but piss her off and she will sling ash trays at ya :)

lol, that reminds me of my Ex Wife :))

Just picked up an Elite Force 1911 TAC gas blowback (Assume that's what GBB means)... sorry.. new to Airsoft. Would this work for that gun?

Hi Keith, it works on any airsoft pistol with a slide no wider than 30mm, V2 will work on anything upto 40mm and will be released next weekend (GBB- Gas Blow Back)

Is this compatible with my non-airsoft G19?

No as there is no hole for the shells to eject from, But I am currently working on a real firearm version that will be published next weekend, it will be reinforced and all the rails will also be Aluminum and slightly bigger in size.

Cool! I will be following you. Great effort bro!

Thanks Saa :)

Mussy, You`re the number one

Cheers mate :)


Next week I will release the Real Firearm version, as long as you have a rail on your pistol it should fit. I'll also make it fit a 200mm printer

You da man!, You know it? Too bad I already bought a RONI for my Bersa!

Thanks buddy I'm sorry to hear that, at least now you can have another one for half a spool ;)

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asi que segui nomas diseñando mierda que va a ser solo objectos para wallpaper :D

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lol they already removed my Dummy AR15 lower , your day has come :P

It would be awesome if you could upload the files in Fusion360 format for easy modifying. I would like to modify it for my G18C AEP ^_^.

Give me your dimensions and I can easily modify it for you, Sorry I used 123Ddesign

DUUUDEEEE, SUPER COOL! I've legit been searching for this kind of stuff for weeks now, and then you pop up with this awesome design :D! Thanks for awesomeness ;)))

Cheers mate ;) Its my pleasure

would this kit fit a glock 17 do you know

todo la manga de locos estan aca GENIAL!!!!!!

Yes, my test pistol was a G 17