OpenOrbital - parametric orbital shaker

by theosanderson Apr 18, 2014
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I noticed two other dependencies that don't seem to be in the dependencies zip. They're "units.scad" and "materials.scad"

Thank you for the design!

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What motor + dc supply did you use exactly?


Hi there,

I'm afraid I used a random stepper I had hanging around and don't know the specs. If you're happy with editing the SCAD file it shouldn't matter too much. You just need to adjust the spacing to be high enough to fit your motor's height and the cogs to be large enough to allow them to cross the motor's width.

The DC supply just needs to be sufficient to power whatever motor you use. I used a benchtop power supply.

In theory you could use a conventional DC motor rather than a stepper if you don't need a fixed RPM.

I'm sorry that the design isn't more complete. I may return to it in due course.

Good luck with your shaker!

No need to apologize, I am just happy I found this..
I will make some adjustments, and upload whatever i create back here.

I am thinking i am going to design the pillars, and the shaking table (Fitted with holders for bluecap and Erlenmeyer flasks).
I am going to make the shaking table changeable, so one can have various holders built straight into, so one can change it to whatever one needs.

I am just wondering how to make the whole thing the cheapest, if you have any suggestions for steppers + DC supplies i would be happy, but I am also going to do my own research..

All the best, and thanks for a good projekt.!

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Is it possible to get the arduino code that you used to make this possible.

Sorry, I don't seem to have it any more. It was very basic though, see http://www.schmalzhaus.com/EasyDriver/Examples/EasyDriverExamples.html for example.

None of these files will compile or render in OpenSCAD 2014.03. Should I be using a different program to view/export them?

Hi (sorry I missed this comment), you may have been missing the included dependencies? Now attached as a zip to make it easier for others.