FT Arrow Canopy System and Vertical Stabilizers

by Piva Aug 3, 2018
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Awesome stuff! any luck making it so we can use different sized batteries?

I honestly haven’t had time to go back and modify the design. I would suggest cutting through the foam board in the center of the pod area to fit whatever battery you’re trying to use, and reinforce the front and back of the cutout with some pop sickle sticks laid flat and hot glued down. The further into the wing area you can glue them the stronger they’ll be.

will it fit a 4s Lipo with 1550 mah?

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Probably not, I’ve been meaning modify the design for other batteries, just have to find the time.

I may be over thinking this and not seeing it. Should we have a left and right Verticle stab?

Mirror the mesh in the slicer. Which slicer are you using?

This is pretty sweet how it changes the FT Arrow's shape just a bit and gives it a cool new profile. Also real nice how you designed the top to have that nice strengthening ridge and still not need support. I am swapping over from the FT Tiny Trainer to this and am using an 1806 motor. I kinda hacked it in OpenSCAD to remove the existing motor mount holes and put in some 2.3mm screw holes in a 12mmx12mm pattern. However, when tightening the screws, the motor mount split along a layer boundary. I changed the thickness of the entire back to 1.9mm from the 1.2mm existing to give it a bit more strength, although I guess some tapered wider cylinders (on the inside side) would have been just as good on each screw. In ABS it upped the weight from 19.22g to 20.00g.

I also noticed that the motor screws are 18.5mm x 15.75mm on the standard model. Is that intentional? The Class F power pack is 19x16mm.

Thanks for making this! I wanted to transition from the Tiny Trainer to the FT Arrow and throw an iNAV flight controller in there to do some stabilization and waypoint fun and was scratching my head as to how to fit it in with the DTFB-sided body. Now I never have to think ever again, right?!

If you're splitting along a layer boundary, you're probably printing too cool. I use petg on these and I can tighten the screws down reasonably without issue. A thicker motor mount is probably not a bad idea. I usually start very minimalist and work my way up when doing anything airplane related to save weight. I haven't found extra beef on the motor mount necessary yet, but I'm running a pretty small motor.

The screw pattern I just copied from what FT had in the plans. It fit the motor I had (with 2 screws which is all that's required), so I left it.

Let me know how your adventures in nav go. That's something I want to get into as well, but haven't had the time yet!

I'm not running a very strong motor either (1806) but the holes are 12mm spaced so they're reaaaallly close to the shaft hole so between the closeness, the low thickness, and the fact that the ABS curled up a bit so the part wasn't firmly fixed when printing all came together to make the part a little brittle. I think it probably still would have worked ok, but I wanted to reprint it anyway so I added the one line of OpenSCAD to thicken up the back. Oof, this is the first one and it really looks awful up close.

You might be pleased to know that your design can really take a beating though. I had my prop on backwards (that's what happens when I put props on at 6am!) and threw the Arrow like 10 times trying to figure out why it didn't have enough power to not just crash into the ground. Your canopy held up perfectly despite every attempt ending up with a nosedive into the ground. The glue on the spar strengthener broke loose though so I might try to reimagine that part with some legs that can glue to the spar sides as well and go down into the foamboard or something. Your design opens so many possibilities in where to put stuff too!

You could probably decrease the size of the motor shaft hole to help with your issue. I would suggest a material other than abs. I only use abs when absolutely necessary, and that's not often. Many other materials out there with superior properties, even some pla's that will stand up to the motor heat and definitely be stronger. I use about 6-7 perimeter outlines on the first layer to help it stick. It doesn't need a raft, but with the small amount of surface area on the bed, it'll come loose if you don't add a brim.

Great to hear that you're happy with the durability! I've been pretty pleased with the petg. It seems to withstand just about anything except a direct nose in.

haha I just had a direct nose-in, although only from 6-8m at the worst. The Arrow turned into a yard sale and threw parts (canopy, battery and receiver) everywhere but it was completely undamaged. I don't keep PETG on hand usually because I print PLA when I can and ABS for anything dark colored that goes out outside (where the Florida sun literally melts black PLA in 10-15 minutes and PETG in under an hour). You're totally right about the brim though, the first one I used a 2 perim brim and it warped (:argh: ABS) but I think I did 6 on the reprint and it stuck real good.

I really appreciate your responses and I'll definitely post photos my make here when I rebuild the wing. It was the first scratch build I'd made so it is... messy. I gotta grab one of those 3s 1000mah batteries you have in the video too, my 3s is too big for the canopy to close so I've been flying it 2s and it takes a lot of throttle just to keep it up. My weight has somehow crept up to over 350g already though. I blame too much glue!

Nice design! Any chance of some assembly pics? Also, it looks like the canopy is two piece with tape in the photo, but the printed part is one piece. Is this correct?

Thanks! The canopy is 2 pieces. The lower part fits into some existing slots in the foam board, and the top wraps around the front of the lower portion and clips onto the back. I've got a video showing how all the parts fit together, I just need to upload it to youtube. If you join the group "flite test fans", it's posted in there. I don't know if the link will work here unless you're a member of that group.


Thank you! Yes I'm a member of FT Fans and the forum etc. Guess I missed the video LOL.