Kress Vrail Mount

by Ivanfabian Aug 3, 2018
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Great design, thanks for sharing.

Apparently, the 2 parts of the vacuum shroud need to be glued, am I right ? But if yes, how can we dismount the part where the cleaner hose is connected ? I surely missed the point.

And the outlet where the end of the vacuum cleaner hose is connected seems very thin. Doesn't it break too easily ?


The two parts are held together by 4 disk magnates. So no glue required. I used PETG to print mine and there are no signs of cracks despite quite a few hours running the machine. If you want to modify it I can make the fusion 360 files available to you. Good luck with it let me know how you get on.

Mods I'd make before printing another are. Impro e shape of lower air vent to improve suction round the bit. Also use 4 screws to hold the large part of the mount on.

It's quite tricky fitting it to the rail. You can either use drop in t nuts or slide t nuts already in the track up with a magnate held to the side of the rail.



Thank you for your answer. My lower air vent part has broken on top (kind of delaminated). Wouldn't be easier to plug another tube on the lower part to have suction nearer the drilling bit ?

Indeed, now it's printed it doesn't feel like being fragile. Anyway, if you don't mind sharing your fusion 360 files (and maybe only this one if you prefer), I send you a PM with my email address. And don't worry I'm surely not a Fusion 360 specialist and for my designs from a specialist point of view, I'm certainly not always using the easiest way and even often the most complicated one but ultimately they are like I intended to and that's the most important.

For the mount on the rail, I'll do it before mounting the Z axis on the machine., it will be quite easier.