Anycubic i3 Mega Spool holder

by philwild Aug 4, 2018
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I was also unable to get the tube in place, until I took a round file to it, but it did fit past the 2 screws with a bit of finagling. it popped into place, I love this design because it used the original spool holder, less friction on the spool

oooh this one looks better than the last 5 or 6 ive tried as they all broke after 3 months of use ( under the weight of the filament roll ) .. so im back to the one that came with the i3 .. gonna have a pop at this puppy later .. ;)

Great, but I confirm it's too tight (the 5 centimeters sidepart) for me too. I've even tried unmount the screws to slide it from the bottom, no hope. Maybe Anycubic added more paint for his I3 Mega? ;O) I'm even not able to insert the tube. Missing I would say 0.5mm to fit.

Hey @chrisrey15 what did you end up doing? The fit for the tube is tight and I needed to apply pressure to get it through the hole (very slight lip created on the top and bottom edge during printing but I did not need to physically modify the print with a file or sandpaper. It is still tight for me after all this time but I can slide the tube in/out to adjust for different width spools.

Hi, I applied a lot of pressure, now I'm using it, very happy, but if you do not believe it's too tight like I told you (around 0.5mm), and someone else already told you too what can I say? ;o) It's maybe just a concern of local temperature, winter are cold out there...

Oh. Sorry. I think I misunderstood but I'm still not 100% clear. I'm going to remake the model with some additional play in the clip. I'll measure my frame as well and include that in the thing so that people can decide which one works best. I was wondering about the rod though. Did you have to reprint the thing with an additional 0.5mm to the diameter of the hole?

Can you explain a little further, what is too tight? I went straight from the bed to the printer without any modifications.

Just to confirm, you clip in the back edge first, then push sideways to clip the front/left edge in.

Too tight fit, cannot mount the spool holder on my anycubic i3 mega. Tryed filing it down without luck.

Hi @raekby, Can you explain a little further about how it is too tight?

Yes, my steel frame is ~ ½-1mm to wide at the front left of the spool mount to fit. (I actually bend the steelframe trying to get it on)
I gave et another go in the workshop -> sawed the slot +~1mm, and filed down the edge at the back. It now fits tight...
Another comment: Some of my 1kg filemant spools get in contact with the filament guide arm.

Never the less, it´s a great spool holder ;-)