Creality Ender 3 Cable Holder

by Bleifuss23 Aug 4, 2018
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This does not fit for newer ender 3 pros. There is a screw preventing this attachment.

Since I don't have an Ender Pro, could you upload a picture please? Maybe I can fix it for the Pro?

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It looks like this on my machine. I can probably attach it using a little bit of hot glue so it's not a big deal.

Can also vouch for rotating this on its side in the slicer to avoid support issues. This also greatly improves the overall structure of the clip. I went through two prints of this without rotating and snapped the clip in half each time trying to remove the support.

I rotated the STL to lay flat and added support. The original screw is too short, I used a M3 x 12mm machine screw to fit flawlessly.

Hey, I got pretty bad overhang issues, do you recommend printing with support? or rotating to print? thanks!

If you tried to print it in the original orientation (like the stl) you need supports. But it also possible to rotate the part that you don't need supports if your bed adhesion is good.

Thank you! I rotated and it printed great last night. I forgot to come back here to follow up. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I'm a 3DP noob and some super obvious things seem not that obvious from my perspective. Google is only so helpful in certain specific situations. :) Thanks again

Danke fürs Erstellen + Teilen =)

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Interestingly, my Ender 3 has a small cable holder build into the extruder there already, it's the one you can see in this image.

(also your title has a typo, it says "Cabel", not "Cable")

The build in cable holder on my extruder was pretty crap and the cable continiusly dropped out. So i cut it off and designed the new one.

And thanks for the hint with the typo

Worse still, that little POS clip came broken on one of my machines! Love your design, big improvement over the "broken" clip that came on the machine.

Same for me, mine is broken from stock too.