Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown

by rubaxx Aug 5, 2018
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Hi and thank you for this model.
I am printing it at 130%. I want to know, the 7 snakes have a difference? Is it possible to have an image of the mounted model complete with snakes in STL to see how they are placed with the 3D viewer of Windows 10?

hii :D sry i dont have the model mounted ,i lost it :/ but i think the 7 snakes doesnt have any difference. u cant try and open the snakes and the bowl at the same time in 3d builder

I just noticed a magic trick ... When you open the STL files one by one with Autodesk Netfabb, the parts are where you modeled them! By cons, there, we see the position of the tails. But is it normal that they are not in contact with the bottom of the bowl?

On the nendroid figurine, the tails intersect, but irregularly ...

In this case, do you have a photo of the whole mounted? see how the tail of snakes meets. Do their dicks have the point right in the center? For now I have the snakes 1 & 2 printed, even if I redone the slicing, it seems indeed identical:

On the other printer I advance on the staff:

luckily i found the model but its a low poly version, but for u to see the snakes it will do ;)

thank you for this version, even if in low resolution, we arrive at the same as I just posted with netfabb. By cons it is normal still that the tails do not touch the bottom of the bowl? you have to stick the tails together in position?

yeah they dont toucj the bottom

Ok, so I'm going to see to make a hold to raise the tails time to glue them


Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown

I am planing to Cosplay as Ainz Ooal Gown at a con this Summer so this is perfect will post pictures when I am done

I made the armor too but its for sale

already have a lead on the armor tho if it doesn't work out I might get yours :)

Is it possible to get the bowl files bowl filled in? I want to put a layer of acrylic down and make it glow under


Found this model and immediately had to have it. just started printing the crown last night. 1 of 4 complete so far.

I wanted to ask if it was possible for you to upload the snakes without the orbs? I'd like to make my own and possible wire them to glow.

Hey Love the model do you have an uncut version of the staff? I'd like to one with support holes for rods to go between the joints for better strength.

no problem, already uploaded :D ;)