Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Opto Runout

by LazaroFilm Aug 5, 2018
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I love it! I was designing an adjustable, optical, run-out sensor mount that 'might' have been able to work with translucent filament. This is so much simpler and compact. Just Great, Thanks for sharing.

needs a little more work. Take a look at the make that someone posted.. you can see they had to grind out some of the lever to make the filament clear it. when you add a spring you have a lot of pressure there. You need to adjust it a little bit.. I have a photo of the hole being covered

Hey, it's curtis. I was going to print this but I see some errors on my slicer *s3d. I tried to do the repair options in s3d but it didn't fix the gaps. One is near the bigger hole that is parallel to the z axis, and the other is on the opposite side near those two holes at the bottom.

Let me know if you want a screen shot of it.

Hey, thanks for spotting this out. I moved the hole for the spring a bit further from the edge in V1.1 Let me know if it solves the issue.

It's still doing it. I mean its not the end of the world.. I think it would still print just not as smoothly

v1.2 uploaded with a new lever as well.

Thanks for the photos. That's really strange, I'll move the hole a bit. Cura is slicing it fine, just saying ;)