Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Hypercube Evolution E3D v6 + Titan direct drive extruder mount + M12 inductive sensor

by Greini Aug 5, 2018
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Is work still being done on the project?

Have you plan to publish OpenSCAD sources?

As I work a lot with includes and private collections in my OpenSCAD files it would be a lot of work to collect it all for publishing the file. So, no, there's no plan of doing so ;-)

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Hi, can you provide a picture?

I would like a version without the inductive sensor, can you remove it?


I will rework it and upload the file. When you install it to the hypercube please notice it's some mm wider than the original extruder so be careful not to hit other parts while moving. I had to reconfigure the printable area to make the extruder stay away from the edges. But that's no big deal, just a few millimeters.

Thanks mate! I hope i can install / test in the weekend

You're welcome. This is still work in progress so if you have ideas please let me know.