Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

the ultimate delta effector

by ofirneger Aug 15, 2018
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That nice, I also have a D1 printer, and was looking for a effector like this to replace the original e3d v5.
I am thinking if there is any tiny place to squeez in a piezo disk for bed leveling? Ootherwise I have to go the underbed way.
Add a bltouch will make the effector not this nice anymore, isn't it. :-p

can you send me a link to that piezo disk or step file and i will see how can i insert it..
i am currently working on a new version so it be nice to add it.

Have you had a chance to work on the update? No rush, I ask cause I was about to print this, but don't want to commit if the newer version is soon

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sorry, i didnt get to it yet..

No worries, Thank You


Could you give me skp file of effector, please?
I would like to make it in magnet version.

do you mean step file?

This is some great work. I like this design alot.

would you be willing to provide a step file or CAD model of your effector?
I would like to add a similar auto probe as the Micromake D1 (endstop based on the nozzle touching). Instead of rotating off a pin like the D1, I am curious if the entire head could float on the M6 bolts.

I had two thoughts:
1.) The M6 bolt head is held down with magnets. Easy modification, poor physics (High load to break, might not return if it gets too far away)
2.) Push the head down with repulsion of two magnets. See picture. This would be a harder fit, but would be a better feed back. As the gap increases the magnets push harder.

I imagine this will have to be 3 assemblies:
1.) Lower receiver (most of the current design)
2.) Effector clip (M6 bolts with a spanner web to hold the nuts, probably a draft angle that matches the lower reciver)
3.) Upper cap

If you can find a way to make this work without having me to use CAD that would be great as well. But i should probably try my own crazy ideas on my own in case it ends in utter failure. :D Just my CAD is having a hard time with this STL file to solid conversion.

Either way thanks for the great design.

Thank you for the compliments,
I am planning to make a new version that includes auto calibration switch,
The magnet idea is interesting but I'm not sure if it is repetitive enough,
I am returning from a vacation in a week and I will update you..
Cheers, ofir

Thank you for the great work! For the Micromake D1 a modification für 42mm spacing and 40mm fans would be great. Is this possible?

hii, just added a 42 mm wide for D1 but could not fit a 40 mm fan there .
will try it after i will change the design

Thank you very much!!! I'll try this and add an adapter to fit the 40mm fans.

I will get back from my vacation and I will give it a try..

plaese in 36mm spacing to e3dv6 original can you help me?

please 40mm spacing

just added 40 mm file and new fan duct..

Can you make one that has 52mm spacing for the Anycubic Kossel Delta?And maybe some different part cooling ducts that are aimed at just below the tip of the nozzle?Thanks

just added 52 mm file and new fan duct..