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Stanford Easter Bunny - Voronoi

by virtox Apr 19, 2014
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Great Print it doesnt need much filament but looks great . i didnt use any support and it worked great

Someone please put a door in the bottom so he can be filled with candy =)

Can you please make one from the concrete fish :

Concrete Fish
by pmoews

i have printed this bunny with Cura. using the Z adjustment -1.35 so it would print perfectly on the bed without loose lines.at -0.8 the first layer still wasnt perfect for me.

I used Cura to slice this, but first I had Cura attempt to level the model on the print surface. Even then, it was nearly 1mm high on the Z axis. I zoomed in until my "camera" was inside the model and started lowering it (negative Z value). I think I settled on a -0.8 Z adjustment. Printed correctly after that. On the initial go, only about a 0.5" diameter spot was actually on the print surface. After adjustments I had a nice, wide area to build from and it was much more stable.

Printed in PLA with no support at 60% size and it did not go well. The poor rabbit had no face, and very fuzzy ears.

I have a lot of problems when trying to scale down on fine prints. I can only assume that's normal.

Hey :)

Love this

Im trying to do a voronoi effect on a mountain model for a friend? Any suggestions on how to do this?

I love this bunny. I printed it at ~.3mm layer height as a quick easter decoration. I filled it with a small bit of easter grass while printing. When it was 50% done, I filled it up to the 25% mark with paper easter grass. I wrapped a small amount of candy (10 m&ms) in saran wrap for food safety, and used them to hold down the easter grass. The paper grass doesn't melt and keeps the candy off of the heated printer bed. I then printed the rest of the bunny around the candy and grass. This print only uses 10g of material, so it's not much of a waste if you have to break it open to get the candy. PLA is biodegradable anyway!

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how do you print this? Dissolvable supports?

No support . its insane

I didn't use any supports at all and it was fine.

Agree. I used supports (build plate only) on the first try and because there are empty spots on the bottom, I had support "spired" coming up inside the model. Printed without supports and it worked great.

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I'm not sure this can be printed as is on an extrusion printer. I've tried it with a few slicer settings, and nothing seems to work. The loops just don't seem to hold together enough to build them up. Maybe this needs a stereolithography style printer.

Do not work ... with and without support looks like the base is not parrarel to the surfafe and PLA does not sitck to the surface

when you print with all those holes in the body and stuff, 1:how long does it take, and 2: do you need to print it a special way with like supports

i've tried many times but i always get fill material inside... any suggestions?

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