Shoe Lace Zipper

by emir_ismail Aug 8, 2018
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Have you considered not being 100% 3D printed? The zipper looks like it should work fine, but the small parts are always going to be a problem.

How about this for an idea. Throw away the shoe string and replace with thinner stretchy/elastic cord. You could make the loops much smaller and stronger. The stretchy cord would also be more comfortable.

Just throwing out crazy idea. :-)

Thanks my friend. I think that will do.
I'll make the model soon :)
Thanks for the idea

Hi there,
Since the beta version (now already v7) i've been trying to thicken the material without sacrificing the zipper flexibility.
With ABS filament now it came with medium strengt-y that can withstand walking shoes. But not for running. I think using
taulman bridge 3d filamenr will give them extra strength indeed.
And yes I can make you the length you need :)

im thinking of this for my mother as she has a brace she has issues putting on said brace.

hi would nylon (specifically taulman bridge) work well?
i can imagine the the lace loops would need to be thicker to minimise stretching for nylon.

also are you taking requests for customizations?

Hi there,
Yes thats the problem i've try to solve. Im still looking for structural form that will hold the tense without sacrifing the flexibility.
Right now, my suggestion is to print it with silicon or the strongest filament you could find.
In the picture, one of the laces broke when i put some force. The other one in my experiment to strengthen it. But I think its too rigid.
I will update it soon

Could you show a picture of these on a shoe? I don't see how you would secure the printed loops through the lace holes.