by TheTNR Aug 8, 2018
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Why Thingiverse does nothing about stolen design? Looks like TheTNR is just another talentless moron...

This art is stolen. This design belongs to my friend Kit Cameo. Her Pinshape link is here:https://pinshape.com/items/23242-3d-printed-robot-bicycle-zoetrope

To anyone who comes through here: this site isn't doing anything about this stolen design. Your stuff will be next. Make noise.


This is Kit Cameo's design. https://pinshape.com/items/23242-3d-printed-robot-bicycle-zoetrope
Everyone can clearly see it's a more established page than this one and has dated comments going back a couple of years.
TheTNR is a thief and a liar.

This copyrighted design was stolen from KitCameo. It was originally posted on Pinshape in 2016 (which I personally witnessed) and can be found here: https://pinshape.com/items/23242-3d-printed-robot-bicycle-zoetrope

Stop stealing other people's work.

Excuse me, but this is literally my design, my copy, and my video that you edited and re-uploaded on your own YouTube page. Remove this from your Thingiverse page, and take down that video. Didn't you even think to check to see if the original creator was following you???

ı dont believe you, girl. I shared on thingiverse. Go home...

You don't believe her that she made the art you definitely didn't make because she made it? Whatever you're on, I want some.

Dude, you didn't even bother to cover up your tracks on Pinshape. You used an account with the exact same username to download this design from me two days ago. You also have a ton of complaints on most of your other uploads here saying that you've done the same thing to other artists. Just give it up already.

We sent an email to you. And you dont believe us. So , wont give it up...

I know, I'm keeping all your emails and replies as evidence. Your email had nothing at all to do with this upload. In fact, it seems like you didn't even bother to remove this upload when you were pretending that you weren't acting in bad faith, and YouTube itself is who removed the video you stole from me. Here is exactly what you wrote, acknowledging that you took my design, but you clearly don't intend to remove it here even though you acknowledged that it isn't yours:

"Hi Kit,

Sorry for sharing your design. I want to just share. I removed video. Pls, Can you cancel your copyright stroke?

Sorry again... Have good day.."

Thingiverse may be taking their sweet time with this, but believe me, this only hurts you more. You may have gotten the idea that I don't have much of a web presence just because I don't post a lot of 3D content, but you would be sorely mistaken there.

All this guy does is post other peoples designs, and not one of them have been taken down.

If Thingiverse doesn't want to monitor their own website, then they should either sell it to someone who will, or delete it entirely, before they end up with a class action lawsuit.

Where can I find your post? At least I didn't in Thingiverse.