Cosplay Accessory - Fortnite Kitsune mask

by docvalentine Aug 9, 2018
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LOL comissioned to make but just stole game model and smoothed - you are a pathetic hack.

bill, i was commissioned to prepare a model for printing. i did as requested, got paid, client was delighted with results. now that i have attracted the attention of jealous nobodies it is clear that i'm an unmitigated success in every conceivable sense

Hey everyone. I'm printing this for my 9 year old, probably the file without the ears, I'm wondering what the best way to lay this on the printing bed as to minimize supports. I'll print the ears later and glue them on. Thanks

If I were printing the full mask as one piece I'd print it on its back facing up. That won't minimise supports but it will place the supports on the underside of the mask and minimise the effect of support scarring on the part of the mask that matters.

To minimise supports, I'd print the top and bottom halves of the mask separately, with the top half oriented straight up and the bottom half upside down. The cuts are designed to provide a flat base for printing this way, and the amount of support material should be a lot less this way.

File is rough, there are gaps and holes. Luckily they didnt ruin the print. I think i can bondo them and finish it alright still.

Sorry it didn't work for you but it doesn't look like that when I slice it in Cura, and several people have printed it without issues. Does it show up with holes in your slicer, or does it look fine until you print it?

it shows up that way on my program, didn't realize until i looked a little closer after i had printed it tho. Thats so weird. I wonder why mine came up that way. Its a beautiful model none the less!

They are selling the service of printing the object and not simply selling the file, and they retained attribution as instructed so I don't see an issue here.

isnt this under creative commons anyways?

Is there any recommendation regarding printing parameters? Filling, Support, ...
It looks amazing. good job.

It's fairly thin so I'd recommend 100% infill. As for support that depends a lot on your printer, but for me I need a lot of support because the overhanging areas are pretty large. I use a 60 degree threshold for prints like this.

thanks for your prompt answer. How do you manage to add specific support? I only the function in Cura but the printing time turns crazy with something like 1day for the 1.6mm without ears. Btw I haven't seen any 0.8mm without ears. Is 1.6/0.8 the thickness of the mask? Thanks.

In Cura you can tell it how much support to make, based on how sharp an overhang angle needs supporting.

And, yeah. It'll need a lot of support and a print time over 24 hours is to be expected. I think my estimated print time was around 32 hours in total.

ok thank you, it must be in advanced settings, I will def have a look. I did print everything and glued everything, but I struggle with the paint. Any advice? your model looks amazing.

Unfortunately I have trouble with painting as well. The finished model wasn't made by me. The one thing I know is that they smoothed over the creases with bondo.

Cool model! Thanks for sharing your work! I´m modeling the same mask for my 10 year old kid who likes this character, but still learning to model. I´m using Rhino and Clyoo. What software did you use to make this model? I´m strugling with the details and sharp edges of the mask. Cheers!

I use Blender and I'm not familiar with the programs you mentioned, but in Blender there is a function you can use to define an edge as a crease, so when you subdivide it knows to keep that corner sharp. There is probably a similar function in your software, you might be able to find out more about it by googling "Clayoo subdivision edge crease". I hope that helps point you in the right direction.

can u teach me how to add details to the print

so the stl is an actual wearable size? or it needs some scaling to be done. a 10 year old kid loves the character and wants one, trying to find out what will be a good sizing.

I haven't printed it but it should be wearable without being scaled. It may be a bit large for a small child, as it was scaled to another mask I had made for myself.

what orientation of the model did you print this? the way you uploaded the file?

I made the cuts straight and flat so any cut sections should be able to use the cuts as a base. I'd print the upper section straight up, and the lower sections upside down but I haven't actually printed this model myself.

Thanks for the awesome model dude. One thing, are you able to maybe raise or do some kind of indentation on the mask where the colours are to make it easier to paint?

That would probably take me as long to do as I've put into the model already so I don't really see myself having the time, sorry.

Hey buddy all n all thanks for all the hard work that you did for all of us kickass job