HD110 Full HD / BenAllen 3D printable micro drone / Quadcopter

by Ben_Allen Aug 10, 2018
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Congratulations on this great design and THANK YOU for sharing it. Just posted a make. I would love to see the next version you mention in the description… ;)

Here's some thoughts, hope it helps out:
-Prints great
-Comes together nicely
-Looks fantastic
-Needs added stack height options, at least in my case (kingkong flytower). Easily achieved though by adding 30% height to upper body shell when printed
-My print(er) isn't perfect, but external side holes for camera aren't big enough for screwhead to pass through. Also easily fixed with cutter or screwdriver head. Also, camera sideplates could use slightly increased thickness.
-Camera mount could be lowered somewhat to avoid battery sitting on top of the camera.
-your fin holes look neat, why can't I have them? ;)
-I would love to be able to separate the body parts by unscrewing or unclipping, it would make maintenance a breeze in case of crashes.

Again congratulations on what I think is the best looking quad on thingiverse!

Your video has copyright content in it. I cannot watch it in the US. :(

What goggles and rc controller do you use?

parts alone are $200, how is this super cheap? And what are we controlling it with?

It's less than 200$... and it's half cheaper than a 250mm drone. So for example a crash that breaks the frame and a motor will cost you 8$.

First, love the size and design and will be printing one shortly.

What is the purpose of the fins on the top?

My current best guess is battery mount, but I see what appears to be a heat sink there... or is that a velcro type strip?

Thanks. Yes, it's the battery holder ; there is a velcro on each battery ; It's working perfectly. I tried to create a venturi effect around the camera to cool down the flying controller. In a next update, the battery holder will also participate in this effect.

Defective Frame.stl can not be printed
Need to be repaired before printing, for example using netfabb

Weird. I doesn't have any trouble with the prusa software. You can see in the picture that the file has been accepted. I will add the fusion 360 project soon, will that help ?

Copter I'm printing, slicer software Simplify3D,
I have marked the problematic connection of the object.
Fusion 360 I use, insert a project. Thank you good job.