Immortan Joe Mask Remix

by aalleexx87 Aug 10, 2018
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So I got your remix all printed up and now I'm on to the best part - FINISHING! Since you've already gone through this process I'd like to pick your brain if you don't mind...

  1. Where did you source your hoses from?

  2. How did you go about attaching the strapping?

  3. What technique(s) did you use to paint -- all by hand, airbrush, or a mixture of both?

Tx again for all your help!


Ad 1. I looked on local demobil auctions. Its a hose from old Polish SzM41M gas mask. Its based on Soviet SchM 41 model so you could find some old stock for them too.
Ad 2. Badly. I sued some old leather strap and some blind rivets. Don't do that.
Ad 3. I don't have airbrush yet so I used automotive primer in spray can and then lots and lots of acrylic paint layers. Finished with some acrylic paint washes and dry-brushing to pull up the highlights. Secured with clear coat in spray can. I used low quality "pseudo matt" one that gave glossy finish so invest in something better and make matt finish as I think it'll give better results.

Don't forget to post your work here when you finish! Good luck! :D

Awesome - thanks for the insight! The paints won't be an issue I have a smorgasbord of wargaming acrylics, airbrush paints, and matte sealers.

So if you had to do the strapping over again do you know what you'd have done differently?

And for sure I'll post up when complete!

Use wider and better quality leather straps. Maybe also replace blind rivets with straight sawing straps together ( failure point was on join between two straps on my head ). Blind rivets worked great in affixing straps to mask but be aware though because it might crack. Cutting rivets manually when they're tight is the right way to go.

By blind rivets I assume you mean "pop" rivets, correct? Do you have any close up pics of your attachment points - hard to see in the one pic you have of it on your head. Maybe a couple of pics of the strapping as well? That would be awesome for reference. Tx again for all your help. This is all great info.

Yeah, pop rivets is another name for them I assume. I've added additional photo where you can see straps attached. I had too little time to do them properly and thus they look as they do.

K - great - that pic is perfect - just what I needed to see - I hope to start painting soon unfortunately won't be this weekend as I have 16hrs of driving over the next two days for wedding but I'll post some pics soon!