Hose attachable reservoir and hydroton base

by andyk_ Aug 12, 2018
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Thanks for sharing Andy. How often do you have the water pump running? Is it just on for a minute to flood the system every hour or so, or does it run continuously?

I got root rot unfortunately and am sterilizing rebooting the system. However, I was doing one minute floods every 15 min and they seemed to be thriving until the disease hit. I don’t think the disease was caused by the flooding interval though, but we’ll see. I picked up some organic anti fungal bacteria that I’ll use to inoculate my next set of clones.

Oh bummer man, hopefully you got it back up & running! I just noticed your water tube is clear, that might be partly why you got some disease. Thanks for the info.

How do you print the lid? by irself its a 3hour+ print but with supports it goes to 10 hours...

I bit the bullet and printed with supports. A lot of slicers will let you make sparse support for most of the layers but then use dense support for the final layers. That should help.

I’m considering moving hose attachment to be more print friendly. The key in any design is to make sure the hose is on the side not the center. On the other hand, I’m also considering a design where the hose goes up the middle with sprayers on it.
In general, I’m going to take a pass at my own design for everything,

haha i ended printing with supports and then ripping them out, ended up pretty good actually thanks for the great designs!

I was actually thinking of doing the same, was going to look at designing a center hose clamp that has a drip head up top to spread the water. Will practice with your one and see how it works before looking to customize another.

thanks again :)

You selected the wrong parent design when submitting your remix. I am not Alex ;)

Yikes. Thanks!