Snap on Ender 3 Stock Filament guide bearing

by theroar Aug 13, 2018
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Gave this a go however it keeps tilting to the right as shown in the picture.

I just printed and found the same thing. Used default_extruder_bearing.stl and filament_bearing_v2.stl on the files tab
It's like it's just a little bit not long enough on the legs for the holes that fit around the nut. Definitely got the snap when fitting it as well.
I just wriggled it back a bit as if removing it so the small protrusion is on the nut and it makes it nice and tight. If an updated version is posted, will try that.

I am betting you have an early version of my build and I am sorry for that. I checked my two files and the ones up there now have the same size legs and butt right against the extruder. A simple fix for yours would be to print a U shaped piece that fills in that gap... or stick a popscicle stick in there.

That'll be the angle of the spool pulling the pulley in the same direction as the extruder. Mine does, to a lesser extent, because I printed out one of these : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2948891 last week, to reduce the ludicrous angle between spool and extruder.

As you can see in the pic, it takes a lot of the strain off

Ender 3 Filament Spool Holder Adaptor v01

When you slid it in there, did you get the "snap"? I just checked the measurements and the legs are the same on the bearing version and the all in one version.

Yep I got the snap but I think it tilts due to a combination of the gap between the two "arms" being a slightly loose fit around the metal frame and/or the hole cut-outs being slightly too large.

I'll review the design... I have made some adjustments as I went along and it is possible I lengthened the design for the all in one builds and not the original bearing version. Thanks for the pic.

I'm getting the same problem as Kennyboy, tried printing in Cura and S3D, same result

Just updated the bearing to V2. Looked good in Cura for me, but I have printed it yet.

Yup, it's fixed. Thanks!

Sweet. Nice to have duckies in a row. =)

the built in supports kept failing on the new updated version

That is not cool. Which version? The All in One or the one where you add a bearing?

Strange. There's a hole in the filament bearing when sliced with Cura. Not the hole in the centre, but in the U shaped part of the bearing.

Let me see if I have the wrong stl up there.... I made more than a few of those critters as I was trying to hone the design. Thanks for the pic! That really helped me figure out what you were seeing!.

Exactly (and I mean EXACTLY) what I've been looking for!

This will be my 4th bearing guide inside 2 weeks as a noob. None of them really matched what I wanted. So I sat down this evening, with a Vernier gauge, and was working on designing a fixing in the same place - mine was going use the existing nut to secure it. But now I've seen yours, I've just binned my work, as yours does the job far more succinctly. As we say in the UK; Cheers mate!

=) Glad to help! I skipped the measuring and just started snapping stuff in place in TinkerCAD. I find it so fun to solve puzzles like this. I would probably be so much faster if I measured, but being able to touch the design and see it in place sure helps me fine tune my design. In the middle of this clip I actually show how it all came together. https://youtu.be/Pe1Ysrp7Mnk

I'm assuming this uses a 608 bearing?