WORD Sculpture

by ibudmen Apr 21, 2014
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Can you add numbers please

Does the Customizer version of this work for anyone else? It seems to have been down for weeks.

It hasn't worked for me either. Very frustrating, I think the last time it worked was in December. Glad it isn't me!

Didn't work for me, made a model, that then didn't have a top. So spent 5 hours printing it, to find out I got a model with no top so looking at a honeycomb wast of plastic.


Hi - I am new to all this. Can someone explain to me how to customize this file? I can't even figure out how to open the scad file.
Thank you for taking pity on me! I would love to make some for Valentine's Day.

All you have to do is from your internet browser click the "Open in Customizer" button in the right hand column (It's right above the 'Download This Thing!' button). From there it will open up a webpage where you can customize and download this model. Good luck!

Please add basic symbol!
I want to write I?NY

Can you add numbers??

Yes, Numbers would be perfect...

I just noticed that the "R" leg (or foot or whatever it's called) is shorter than the other "leg" or... Anyway the left leg is shorter than the right leg. When the R is used on the bottom, the left leg doesn't touch the ground. Or perhaps the right side is too long? With the word "BART" for example, the base of the R and the base of the T are shorter than the right side of the R, so the sculpture rocks back and forth. You can see some of what I'm talking about in the "WORD" sculpture, above. Part of the R is floating -- though the "D" appears to match up OK.
I'll dig into the .scad and see if there's something to tweak.
Besides that minor problem, this is a great contribution. Thanks!

"IEVA" causes the 2 parts to be seperate :(

Any 5 words sculpture?? hahahha

Where can i find some information about creating non-english letters, anyone? How to create polyhedron(...) and triangles(...) data from my char?

There is a "how to" file here to get you started. I guess it's not hard but it is time consuming. please share any fonts you make.
the file is called "Building_Fonts_for_WriteScad.pdf"