RC Boom boat or Dozer boat boot

by rene76 Aug 16, 2018
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Nice boat to build, next one build is through my daughter .. see like it also!

Super, ik ben benieuwd hoe die eruit gaat zien.

Hi, love building this little boat, what did you guys use for the handles on the hatches ? Cheers

I have used 1mm brase wire

Ok thanks for the quick reply

Magnifique travail !!! Je vais m'en faire un mais je cherche un lien pour trouver un pilote, si vous avez des liens je suis preneur

Merci pour votre réponse. Pour les photos je n'y manquerai pas, même si j'ai commencé l'impression j'ai en construction un remorqueur VOITH, le boom boat me servira de recréation. Comme vous j'en avais commandé un chez bangood mais inutilisable. Quel arbre d'hélice avez vous utilisé ?

I have used this model https://grabcad.com/library/vest-man-1
Sorry for my late reaction.
Have a nice build, pictures please

Thanks for the link.
I finally succeeded to modify the stl file with Fusion360 (which at last decided to cooperate).
The propeller is bored at 1.6mm with an entry bored at 2 mm in order to ease the use of a 2mm reamer or drill.

Hi René.
The diameter of my drive shaft is 2mm.
If it is possible to modify the propeller file with a bore of 1.6mm, please.
I tried to modify by myself using Fusion360 or Meshmixer or 3DBuid, with no success.

Hi Thierry

Try this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2431995
With this you can make customized propellers and experiment with number of blades.
I can change the bore but not until Saturday.

RC Boat Propeller (Customizable, defaults for 40mm, M4 nut)
by arnew

I didn't know how to do to estimate the power of the ESC.
I have got plenty of Speed 400 in a drawer. I will use one of them.

Good luck. I hope to see photos soon.

Everything is printed. The assembly has just begun...
What size of ESC did you use ? 10A or 20A ?

Depends on the engine that you use. I measure the ampere that the motor uses with a stationary boat in water and the battery directly on the motor. In my case I use a 10 amp ESC.

So.... Forget it.
I'll print in 3 parts.

I decided to design the hull in 3 parts because of the print time and amount of support.

Hi René.
Another question : it possible to print the hull in two parts instead of three ?
The print volume of my printer is 220 x 220 x 250 (lengh x width x height).

Hello Thierry

It is possible but hole the boat hull has to be redrawn and therefor I have no time for.

Hi Rene.
Thank you for these infos.
I will print the boat 150% like DaVinci69 did, with a 400 motor (it should be enough for my grand sons).

Have fun.

Hi Rene,
can you please give some infos about the motor (size), the propeller (diameter, number of blades), the battery...
This boat is exactly what my grand children and me where looking for.
Thanks a lot for this gift.

Hello Thierry

Nice to hear that you like the boat. I have used a motor with the same size as a "johnson / mabuchi 380 or 385", if you google you wil find the size dimensions.
But find a motor with not to much RPM's.
Propeller size is 23mm, look in the comments there is a STL file of a propeller.
The battery i use is a normal 2S 1000mAh Lipo battery.
I don't know your printer size, but printing the boat a little bigger is maybe better for your grand children. Then you can put a bigger battery in the boat and sail longer. Have fun builing and please post a picture of the boat.
Greetings René

I just started to print the boat :)

I just wonder if you have the support / cradle / rack for the hull in STL format? Thanks in advance!

Do you mean this, see STL in attachment

Yes, thanks a lot!

Sorry, I didn't seen your answer sooner and made one myself :)) Attaching it, maybe someone will use it:

Thanks again!

PS. Printing the second boat for my son :)

I will attach it.
Nice to hear that your son like the boat.
Please add your boats to "makes' in thingiverse. I like to see foto's ;-)

ONe last question can you post a picture of how the Rudder arm works and is connected to the nozzel

Perfect Thank you. Guess there is no outer sleeve the shaft fits into filled with grease? to water proof?

There is no outer sleeve. Because of the little height i made the sleeve as long as possible. therefor the steering arm is so strange.

What size and length Shaft did you use. Just printing mine right now

I have used this shaft set and the 10x5cm dimension.


3mm schaft with M3 thread and the axle is 5cm long. I have printed the propellor myself

Hello Zero9r. I made a mistake. I have used a 4mm shaft with M4 thread. I can't find the alieexpress link any more.
The 10x5cm dimension is still the same. The 3m shaft should work to.

Comments deleted.

i really liked this design i try to print... i have rc car eletronics lay around...

Have fun building this boat. I hope to see some pictures when the boat is ready

Hi Rene,

I plan to build your design (very lovely). Can you please give some details about the used motor ?


Hello Marco

I don't now where I bought the motor. But the motor mount is designed for motors with a outside diameter of 28mm ( like the 380 / 385 motors of Johnson / mabuchi).

Perfect ! Thanks for quick reply. I will show my Tug when it's ready

Viel spass mit den bau und wen sie frage habe oder etwas anderes über den boot benötige, einfach frage. Grusse René

Good morning Rene,

I had some trouble while gluing the two Deckhouse parts together. So I tried to combine the two parts in Simplify3D. I will print this today. Is it possible to export another STL file with the complete deckhouse (combining part1 and part2) ?

Thanks for your support.

Hello Marco

Is this what you want?

Yeeaah! This is exactly what I mean. I will start the print this evening.

Thanks for your support

No problem.
Please add a "makes" with pictures. I'm curious how others make this boat.
I will soon publish two stopped boat (old dutch tug boat and a Damen pushy cat 1004) projects with nice CAD drawings. I have now little time to work on these projects.

No problem.
Please add a "makes" with pictures. I'm curious how others make this boat.
I will soon publish two stopped boat (old dutch tug boat and a Damen pushy cat 1004) projects with nice CAD drawings. I have now little time to work on these projects.

Lovely boat! Feel free to join my group called Maritime!

Hej Henric,

Håller på att printa den här båten och avser att förse den med motor/RC.
Har Du något tips på propeller ?

I used this propeller for a M4 axel

Perfect, thanks

I joined the group. thanks