M1911 Rubber Band Gun

by tjsc5f Aug 17, 2018
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I printed all the parts but unfortunately, I cannot get the pistol to work. The two screws just don't make any sense for me. If I tight the screws, the entire pistol is a rigid part without any movement? How is this supposed to work? The wooden pistol in the video has other than this one two screws on the top. If I leave out the bottom screw, the pistol is half way working but at the same time very loose so the barrel is lifted up by the rubber bands and the pistol is shooting on it's own.
What am I doing wrong? Help! ;-)

Oh I think I figured it out, the top screw must be able to slide within the barrel, then it should work. Took me a while to understand that.

Nice design. I had to use a cut nail to make the rotor shaft. Otherwise, it works perfectly. Thx and regards.

The manual safety and slide hold-open catch is missing in the ZIP file ?

the safety and slide hold-open catch are integrated into the left side plate. They are non-functional, only for aesthetics.

This is a brilliant design!

Can you tell me what kind of screws I need?
The amazon link does not show up a product for me.
I am in Berlin Germany - is there another European screw type that also works?

The screws I used were #4-20x1", 82° countersunk flat heads. These have very coarse threads specifically for soft materials like plastic. If you don't have anything like that available, a 90° countersunk flat head in 3mmx0.5x25mm long will probably work, you will just have to resize the holes with an appropriately undersized drill bit to get a good amount of thread engagement.

Mine shoots all the rubber bands on the first shot. Any suggestions how to dial it in?

Did you ever get this working? Another thing to try would be to slightly scale up the rotor in the x and y direction (leave the z direction as is).

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Are you using the correct rubber bands? If they're too strong or if you have too many on it, that could happen.

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This is awesome, probably the best looking rubber band gun here on the 'verse.

What did you use to design it? Do you have the original files available? I'm thinking some texture/knurling on the grips would look ace.

M1911.STEP now available for download.

I used Solidworks 2017. I will post a step file of the assembly later today so you can import it into whatever cad software you like.

Printing now, but no files for the safety?

The safety is incorporated into the left side plate. It is non-functional and only for looks. A functional safety would be possible, but I haven't taken the time to make it work yet.

I thought I saw it in the video. Still printing. Looking great so far...

As a kid I went directly for the real thing !