OpenLOCK Stone Bridge (Set 9) Narrow Intersections

by devonjones Aug 17, 2018
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Firsly, I love your work. I'm printing quite some elements for my dungeon saga game (remix of plenty of your stuff :p)

Secondly, I'd love to use those bridges, but I'd need the same "squares" stuff as with your other items (25mm squares, very visual)
The squares are hyper important for movements and line of sight actually. Do you think there is any chances you make your bridges with small 25mm squares gaps so we can easily see the delimitations?

Do you have a set of specific pieces in mind? Going back through and adding it to everything is a pretty large set of work, but if you have specific ones in mind, I can probably bang that out.

I'm thinking about the cut stone, or dungeon stone... But I do like the design of this floor... I just wish there was some "quare gap" to be usable with square movement based systems (I'd prefer instead of "painting" a line to make it a square)

Right, I understand the request, there are 160 bridge files released, so redoing all of them is a huge project. What I'm asking is if you can identify the ones you would need to build your dungeon saga board, that probably is maybe a dozen files - that's something I can probably do out of band.

I don't have any other requests for this, so I probably can't reasonably make this a patreon release - meaning I need to fit it in somehow outside my 4 monthly releases - which brings it back to - tell me which specific files you want squares for and I'll try to work it in.

you know what... You have already enough work to do :p
I'll try to do it myself with meshmixer ^^