Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Star Compass from Made in Abyss

by Nyfftan Aug 17, 2018
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This looks really nice ! Might print it someday :)
Thanks for the model !

Happy you like it :)
Wouldn't recommend to print it yet though, the model here does not work at all. I'm working on a version for a 12cm diameter sphere using bearings, but it's still not easy to print a working gimbal. At least one that is exact enough to operate inside a ball, can carry the compass and be slim enough to not make the whole thing look too ugly.

Hey man! This looks awesome and I was planning on doing the same thing in the next few days. I'd be more than happy to work on this with you.

Hi! Thanks for the interest.

I have ordered some tiny 5mm radial bearings. Maybe it's gonna work with those.
The main problem is probably that the bottom half of the star is not heavy enough. Even filled with sand, the friction of the joints is probably too much.
Any idea what else I could try?

My original idea was bearings would help a ton. maybe possibly weight down the star with metal as opposed to sand? im not sure. I feel like the bearings are gonna help and possibly make the sand work.

I did only have some steel balls laying around but they were to big to fit into the star. Using a bigger plastic sphere (and scaling up the star) would probably work way better.

The bearings have now arrived and I did some tests (only inner ring & star). When using bearings on both sides, it was even worse than before. Probably because it'd need to be a perfect fit for them to work together properly.
I have a feeling, it might be better to put a bearing on one side (fix connection, so the ring can't move around) and let just enough space for it to wiggle around a bit the other side.
I'll have to do some more experiments.