Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Print wood now - with tree rings! LAYWOO-D3 mm filament

by Kaipa Sep 16, 2012
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Hi, kaipa how can i contact you i am intrested in your products

best regards

what software do one need to slice it up and get the different temparutes that creates the layer effext, and how do you costumize the gcode to do so?

I use a "Touch" printer. You can change with the touch the temps on the fly,
but scroll down MoonCactus has written about an script to do that.

will it work with most fdm printers? I have a makerbot replicator I

until today I havn´t heard any plaints ,)

super :) going to order some 1.75 mm right now :D

FYI here is a script to handle rings automatically http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:49276http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Generate wood patterns with temperature changes

This is very cool--I've been printing with it on my Printrbot Jr. I'm finding, though, that it leaks quite a bit (coming out of the nozzle without actually being extruded), even at relatively low temperatures (190C). I'm using a 0.5mm nozzle. Any suggestions? I'm retracting 2mm instead of 1mm and pulling the Z up a bit on moves, but it still has a tendency to leave little stray bits here and there.

Also, it has some trouble when printing small layers--it tends to stay mushy from layer to layer. I have "slow down when layer time is short" set in slic3r, but that doesn't seem good enough.


This product seems interesting.
Do you think it can be used on other printer? I own a printrbot jr i am now assembling.


yes, of course - please use a 0.5 mm noozle if you have a choice,

Hi, Kai, We would like to buy your wood filament on ebay, but ...Please help! (dvd504@126.com)

item: laywoo-d3 , should be found at ebay: item: 251199146412

you can store the filament under water if you like ;)
you will not get bad printing results.

What about humidity and water?  If it is like MDF that will be its ultimate failure as I despise MDF since I can't use it where there is too much humidity, or moisture, no matter how much I seal it.

Hi, yes we had a production batch (with my lab extruder) with more brittle filament. But you can "re-soft" it with a hairdryer (80-90°C), than you can bend it better. If broken you can weld the ends together. Please store the filament in an open! bag, not neccessary to dry the filament. Wood loves humidity. Sorry for circumstances.

cheers Kaipa

 Hi, trial-amounts 0.25 KG are available at ebay or GRRF. The less brittle version is a little more dark brown.

Thanks! It worked somehow (air heater + cardboard box, updated my blog -- link below). I really had to take extra care not to over extrude, else it still breaks very quickly. But over feeding is bad anyway ;)
BTW, do you know when you'll have it in stock again?

My filament got brittle and becomes unusable!

Do you have any recommendations on how to store it (or how to get its flexibility back)?

It's only 2-3 week old and it's now unusable, too sad as it rocks otherwise. Details and pics on http://betterprinter.blogspot.fr/2012/10/wood-filament-becoming-brittle-after.htmlhttp://betterprinter.blogspot....

I printed with this, sourced from GRRF. It's awesome. But final parts aren't fully rigid, almost bendable like gluey gum or something:


 Hi, thats right. But wait a few hours. It becomes hard. Matterhackers find this out at theire test with a little plane:


btw: nice model you printed !


what is the minimum recommended nozzle diameter? I am having quite a hard time printing with 0.35mm nozzle. It blocks after a few seconds and needs quite a push to unblock. I tried with 200C and 240C results where the same.

did you checked to have during print-time enough grip on feeding screw, perhaps more pressure will help?
please let me know whats your printhead configuration.
Thank you!

Hi Akito45,

the best wooden-like effect of Laywood is found with the actual combination of wood-powder and fibres and it´s sizes.

I tested the filament only with 0.5 mm nozzle and found optimum results for flow and rough surface of the printed object.

Please use a 0.5 mm nozzle if you have the option.

It prints perfectly for 10-20 seconds, and then in blocks. No oozing or anything, just blocks. I have to use a great amount of force to unblock it. It unblocks with a small steam explosion from the nozzle. It feels like some of the fibers manage to block the small nozzle opening. 

While it extrudes it does so with minimal amount of pressure, so it is probably my nozzle that is too narrow for some fibers. I have a http://arcol.huarcol.hu 0.35 mm nozzle. I will try with a 0.5mm nozzle next. 

 I like the arcol nozzle too, but I have a 0.5 mm version in my rapman

"Filament on spools are ready in 1 month."
 Waiting ;-)

 sorry, currently I scale up production. Please wait again 2-3 weeks. Trial amounts are available. regards!

Great idea. Are you open sourcing the recipe?

 Sorry. A good chef never reveals his recipes.

I knew about polymers partly filled with wood, but it's very interesting to see someone putting this into filament !

ebay: 0.15 Kg printable wood / LAYWOO-D3 / trial amount

item: 251152126366

Can't find anything on ebay... Is there anywhere I can order directly? Email? Website? Phone Number?



This gets me o realize that one could totally mass produce wood-colored PLA with "rings".

Is it biodegradable? I found a youtube video of it, it looks like sawdust with some kind of thermoplastic binder.

Well you've piqued my interest. I assume you're selling it? If so, where and how much?

How about a 1.75mm filament? When and where can we order?

Looks intriguing. What's next - are you going to sell it?

my comments for you all are above in the edited description.

Nothing on eBay. Was your listing pulled?

When you have 1.75mm filament to test, I am interested.