Shanty houses

by Terrain4Print Aug 18, 2018
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These look fantastic. Printed a couple of walls for using with 40k but found them a bit short to make scale them up so the room height is the standard 3" for WH 40k stuff. Only issue is then all the windows go real high. overall very good so much detail!

Hi !

Theses houses look fantastic.
English is not my first language and I was wondering what you meant by "pin them with filament". What does that mean exactly ? Do you just pass filament by the holes ? Do you burn the filament ? You do that after the print right ?

I'm curious about that part too.

Sorry, I missed this. Yes, after the print, use filament to hold them together. I suggest gluing them as well. In retrospect it wasn't my brightest idea.

Ok thanks, I think I'll put some greenstuff and glu things together =)

I need help. I really love these Shantys but I am having trouble printing them. On my Anycubic I3 Mega, I printed out some 125mm and 75mm walls and it worked perfectly. But now it doesn't print anything else. The roofs won't print, and neither the other walls (100, 150mm). I tried something else (not from you) and it worked. Do you have any experience with these kind of issues. It starts printing the 125x75 roof for example and after 22 minutes it stops telling me printing is done...

I suggest you post your gcode somewhere so that we can examine it. Also, what slicer do you use? Have you made any special settings in the slicer? When the other prints worked, did you use the same profile?

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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These look awesome downloaded these along with the other parts of the shanty set just starting a print of some parts to put together my first shanty house, i will post some pictures up when i get it all assembled and painted quick question what is the size of the holes on the corners of the parts seems like a good opportunity to use magnets to make them even more modular on the fly

Thanks, the holes are 2mm. Suitable for 1.75mm filament. If you are going to use magnets, drill them out.
I look forward to seeing the pictures.

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Pretty impressive work and thank you very much for sharing!

These have to be your best models yet!

Thanks! I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out myself. :-D

do you need to print these with supports? or can you get away without them?

I never use support for these. But my printer is quite good at bridging. With a printer not as good I would print without support and just snip away any loose threads from door openings and window openings. Very few other details need any kind of support. There are some horizontal planks that can look a bit bad, but that is close up. Nothing to worry about I think.

I would like to hear how it goes. If there is any problem, let me know.

These are great... and +1 for more Ulvheim (those are what pushed me over the edge to become a Patreon)!!

Any ideas on how to fill the holes... or can you upload the wall models before you made the hole? I want to cut the corners at 45 degree angle and pre-assemble these in MS 3d Builder to print as a single building so the holes aren't going to get filled with filament during assembly. Guess I could use some gap-filler before painting if needed.

Thanks... I have been thinking about this on and off. If you make some pre assembled models, please post them as remixes!

Since the models are quite complex with many intricate details, the boolean operation to make the holes often need cleanup. Because of that I have to apply the modifiers. Modifiers (in blender) are like non-destructive filters. You can go back and forth as much as you want. But if you want to work with the resulting geometry you need to apply them. Then you can't go back. Can you fill the holes with small spheres? then it would be like rivets.

Simply brilliant work! I can't begin to understand the amount of time that you put in. This will be the very first design that I will become a patron of

Thank you! Actually, this took a very long time. :-) Much longer than I wanted or expected.

Based on their size how would i scale them to make them fit with my HO train set?

In 1:56 my house would be 2.8 meters. That is probably a bit big for a real shanty town. But it is to make it work for gaming purposes. 56/87 = 0.64 = 64%. Somewhere about that scale. Try with that and see if it feels right.
TheTerrainTutor has a great video about scales:

Great work Markus, again! Definitely going to have to print some of these out for a Necromunda barter town or something.

Can't wait to see what you cook up next!

Thank you!
Once I have all the loose shanty town ends tied up I will make more entrance pieces for the modular hills. :-)

Excellent! Although, how many more ways can you enter a hill?

Just between you and me, I'm waiting for more of the Ulvheim ruins (I'm using them for ruins on my 40k desert world) and the Gothic Spaceship (I'm planning to use them for ruined spaceship bits on my 40k desert world).

Hehe.. I'm going to make roughly the same entrances, but for the smaller hills.
Good to hear what you want. The Ulvheim ruins are sure to be revisited at some point. As will the gothic spaceship wreck.