Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Layne Scan -Standing

by ASLLEXICON Aug 18, 2018
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What type of scanner/software is this? The results are great.


Thank you.

I used the Kinect scanner with ReconstructMe. However, I did a lot of editing/fixing with Meshmixer. Watch the video and you will see the Kinect scanner, ReconstructMe and Meshmixer being used to create this design.



Thank you for the information Todd,
I've been looking into scanners lately, but have been pretty unimpressed with most of them. Your results are exactly what I've been looking for.

If you are in USA, Game Stop stores are trying to get rid of their Kinect scanners. I picked up a few at $15 a piece. Then, in my Thingiverse Group, “Greater Philadelphia Area” I provide instructions on how to set it up.


*Note: make sure to get the optional power cord for the Kinect. Some Game Stops have them, if not Amazon had a few the last time I looked.

Thanks for the tip, and the instructions. I'll go check my local gamestop and see if they have any. You've been a great help. Thank you.

Nice print, but why is this a thing and not a make? What reasoning would place this as a general purpose thing?

I mean, I love scanning things as much as anyone that has the means but I don't post Coke cans or my own hand to Thingiverse...


A “Make” is when you take someone else’s design and MAKE IT.
A design, is when you make the design.
Watch the associated video and you will see how much work I had to do on this.
Please look at the hundreds of thousands of “makes” on Thingiverse and you will understand what I mean.

Jarrod (OttersGonnaOtt),

It is obvious that you have certain issues against Thingiverse. I am highly recommending that you take those issues directly to Thingiverse and not harass someone who is producing models that thousands of people are viewing and downloading. I also highly recommend you remove your comments from my design and no longer communicate to me via any method.

Oh, I fully understand what a make is versus a thing. My issue is that what you have posted isnt a thing either though as it isnt designed but rather emulated. Congrats on the skill and it's fun to showcase the process, but a YouTube submission pretty much covers that. Thingiverse is oriented to distribute usable or artistic designs that others would want to recreate themselves. Scans of random people serve no interest to the general community, even if the process is quite useful and interesting to it.

Really I guess I'm complaining we dont have a place to showcase processes rather than end results. Thingiverse isn't configured for this but it could be, with as little as a new submission type. It confuses me why your post is considered a thing when technocally it is only an end result of a process (a make, loosely), but in this case the end result is actually a model file and technically can be recreated by others (technically a thing) when that isn't the intent of the post. I don't mean to rag on you, just I'm complaining out loud in general because something isn't right here even if it isn't immediately detrimental. In the long run though, if Thingiverse continues featuring processes as best 'things' of the week, it will catch up and people will start posting processes as things by example. I think I'd rather just have a new heading so everyone knows what to categorize these processes as, rather than dilute the meaning of a 'thing' to the point categories don't matter.

Carry on. I'm just being dumb. Great work on the scans.

This design has been printed, both on my Prusa and MakerBot. I’m not displaying the process, but the actual model.

You literally just pointed to the production video. The process is the component being showcased. The physically printed model is literally a 'make' by site rhetoric. There is no value to anyone else printing the 'thing' component, the STLs. Hence, this is more of a make as well as a bit more with the whole process appended, which really deserves its own category of listing. I still hold adamant that this shouldn't be listed as a 'thing' nor featured as one by staff pick, at least not without some change to the site to allow for such posts.

A really impressive job, and very good result ;)

Many thanks!
I really enjoy doing scans of people.