Cable organiser - Latched hook

by mickutz Aug 19, 2018
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Hi there.

First of all thanks for this design, it's really great.

Before printing mine I downscaled it around 50% and due to this it was a bit of a pita to unbind it, but I made it without breaking it using a really thin scalpel. I will try to print it in a lower layer height to see if it gets easier.

Wow, I am amazed it actually worked at half the original scale.

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Printed 4 of these, broke 3 out of the 4 trying to get the hinge unfrozen, needs a better hinge design, otherwise, cool and useful.

Hi Jake, how did you try to unfreeze the hinge? Have you used a blade, as per instructions? I printed only one, simply to see whether the idea would actually work and did it that way.

Hello, I really like this design but I myself am struggling to get the hinge unfrozen even after carving at it. Anyway to get the hinge as a separate piece?

Have you calibrated your printer and made sure it's not printing things too wide?

I'm such a newbie. What does that mean? :)

The article mickutz posted covers a lot of stuff. For my printer the motors and everything are properly calibrated, but I need to put in a -.05 in the x/y adjustment in Simplify3D in order for things to print with exact dimensions.If I don't have that setting done then something like this model will print fully fused and I won't be able to break the hinge free.

Try lowering the extrusion multiplier slightly in S3D as well.

This article looks like good info (didn't read it all) https://all3dp.com/2/how-to-calibrate-a-3d-printer-simply-explained/

As kookyabird was saying, if your printer is not properly calibrated, you can get either too wide or too narrow lines , which affect tolerances. Mind you, though, slicer and 3rd party applications such as octoprint have settings that could affect these values as well. It's a matter of trial and error.

The only reason left would be tolerances or printing temperature, which could lead to the print sticking on the cylinder side.
The tolerance for the hinge in the original design is 0.3mm, which is achievable even with my extremely inexpensive Tronxy X1. I've uploaded a second version with a 0.5mm tolerance.
My print was done in PLA at 200 Celsius with cooling fan running at 100%.