Backlash Compensation: Test and gcode Compensation Program

by SteakSndwich Aug 21, 2018
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Hey SteakSndwich!
really nice Program! I would like to change it a little bit to run it different style of GCODE. Instead of G01 using G1 and so on... Also adding Backlash compensation for the Z axis.
You think you can send me the Source code somehow?

Regards. Luke

Hi can you share the source-code? want to learn how you have implemented this. Works great on my machine. Thanks a ton for this.

Hi !

Your program is exactly what i needed. My printer is structurally flawed because of 3D printed plates to hold the Y axis, resulting in weird backlash issues. I've done everything, but i still have a [email protected] to compensate.

And finally, circles are circles once again!
But i have an issue when printing a double walled cube (for retract calibration). Inner is printed first, settings are nearly perfect, with Simplify3D.

The first wall is separated from the outer line, but the three next are perfect (0.80 perfect width). The outer line is at the right place.
I think this is because of the tiny movement from the end of outer wall to the beginning of the inner next level. The compensation is too strong for such a small amount. Also, the separation is visible on a gcode viewer.

Attached, you have the original gcode from simplify3D, and the corrected [email protected]

I hope this can help to improve your work :)

Glad i could help :)

About seperated Walls: The problem i faced with such small structures was that when the inner circle/square is printed first it's all the time in the cooling Area of the Fan and cools too fast to allow the other walls to bound. It just shrinks too fast.

What i did is depending on the Part:

  • Turn the Fan down/off if the rest of the print allows it (no overhangs etc.)
  • Print Inner-Walls last
  • A bit higher temp
  • Overlap the outer Walls a bit. (In Cura i do it by Outer Wall Inset [Moves Outer Walls 0.1mm into the next Wall] and compensate it with Horizontal Expansion [First step makes Holes bigger and Parts outer dimensions smaller]) Like in the screenshots i attached.

It shouldn't be a problem coming from the backlash compensation, since with the right values the printhead shouldn't move at all when compensating. It only brings the belts back on tension if it makes sense.

Happy printing :)

Dear is it possible to have your email?? i would like to make you some answer about , thanks a lot
Best regards

Dear is it possible to have your email?? i would like to make you some answer about , thanks a lot
Best regards