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by leonvandenbeukel Aug 21, 2018
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Hi, can some help me!! Where can I find the part list? I didn't find it and I'm not sure how many do I need to print for each part.

thankyou SIR! i am currently building this with some modification! youre awesome!

hi what milling head did you use? thanks

que tipo de electronica usas y motores gracias

What is the diameter of the screws on the axis Z

Where can I see what parts were used in this machine? Interested in the size of the belt on the axis Z. The length of the screw axis Z and the size of the studs along the axis Y

Awesome design! Spent all weekend printing parts. I have a question though. The stepper mounts; First I assume this is printed with the base lying flat as opposed to the way it is pictured. I see no way to print them without support structure under the inside of the stepper hole. Where you able to print these cleanly on your printer? The bridging is too far for my printer without sag. I have attached my version in case it helps someone else.
11/5/18 Just added two more mods. You have to print a top and a bottom. You can simply mirror the bottom to derive the top. I have replaced the Rectangular rails with angular rails. So I do not have to print supports. PLA 185 Temp 60 Bed. 25% infill .25 .4 nozzle
11/8/18 Added an adapter to convert 15mm square tube to US .5 inch for z axis you will need 4 pieces.

Why not print it with support? The surface ist not important and you wont see it, when mounted.

BTY, What are you planning to do with your CNC? My plan is to make it large enough to support a 24"x24" MDF floor tile My goal is to attach a 10W Laser (I realize 10 watts is too much for MDF.) and a vibrating knife/saw cutter.

i would like to use it as a laser and cnc router.

at the moment i use a pen to test the cnc ;)

Hi JKohler, My personal opinion follows. Printing supports for something this large is a waste of time, money and materials. Like you state it is an unseen surface so with a little modification no support is required. I just tried generating the script and on my printer without a support using my modified version will take 6:45 to print. The original will take 8:30 to print if printed with support waste the energy of heating 60 deg C bed, the hot end, the wasted material. Now when I print miniatures with flowing capes and outreached arms. supports are the way to go...
However this is just my take....

I'm interested in printing/building your CNC. Do you have a parts list of materials?
Thank you.

This is awesome! Have you tried milling aluminum? I'd like to make a CNC myself but I know I would want to make some things with it in aluminum. It would be useful to know what materials you've tried before I make this.

You might even be able to upgrade some of the parts on this that are important for rigidity with aluminum if it's possible to cut it. It would be like using your 3d printer to upgrade your 3d printer (I'm sure we've all done this)

Best video ive seen of a build for ages, really cool

What are the size of the squares I have 20x20 will those do ?

I've used 20x20mm square steel tubes.