Triaxial Tourbillon Clock (Astronomia)

by A26 Aug 22, 2018
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Hi, can you please post a version of the globe that uses the same underlying mesh and is combined into one STL just like the moon? I would like to print this on a Form2 printer using Clear resin - I think it would look fantastic that way.

Thanks a bunch!

is it possible you give some CAD files to modify or upgrade the design ? ( stp, igs, 3dm, fusion or even better sldrpt )

I made A26's design, with a bunch of changes to it. Mostly adding ball bearings, and modifying the various parts so they can be disassembled, rather than being permanently glued together. See https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3415296 to find my build/mods page with the details on my make, and the STLs for the parts that I modified. With the changes that I made, my make will run reliably until the weight hits the ground. I was struggling with how things fit together too, so once I figured it out, I included an STLs of the whole assembly and various sub-assemblies, that can be viewed with Meshmixer to see how things fit together.

Triaxial Tourbillon Clock Make/Mods
by mcmaven
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Здравствуйте, не могу разобраться как передаётся как передать взвод на основной механизм, кажется что отсутствует деталь.

This is brilliant
Do you have further assembly instructions.

Excellent design, congratulations.
This will be my next project, just one thing, how many bearings of each size do you need?
I want to order the bearings so those arrive while I print all the parts.
Thank you for your work and for sharing.

Any chance you could add a file which shows how the parts fit together? (If not, I'll try to work it out and post a blender file with the assembly.)

Also, I am pretty sure there's at least one piece missing - the circular piece with the three inserted gear shown in the last but one photo.

I'll see if I can throw together an exploded view in openscad as with my previous tourbillon models. It might be a while, however. I looked back through my files and I found four missing parts from the original posting. They were the spacers you mention, plus more embarrassingly, the earth and moon side pieces. I've added them now. Thanks for letting me know.

Hi! Thanks for this great work! If you have time to make a construction plan, our willing to share the assemble design that will be a great help? Thanks in advance.

Cool design man. i have found that watch to be quite amazing for a while and now I can see how it works.

This looks incredible, I cant wait to start printing and building it.

Please could you provide the lengths of the 2mm dia rods for the axles?

If you have 1.75 mm filament, preferably nylon or abs, you can use that and eyeball the lengths. if one is too long, just trim a bit off.

Wear are the parts for attaching the string