Air propelled Car

by DocTatur Sep 17, 2012
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thx for sharing.
the axis do not fit in my case. at least i glue it with a hot air gun

I printed it, came out really well:
Axles with brim and support, Body of the car with brim and support everywhere.

Axles needed a little bit of sanding to make a perfect fit to the body.

I could not make the caps fit the axle, so I used a little trick: Slipped the wheel on the axle and then used a spoon with a hot air gun to partially melt the axle on the end and then push on it. That makes it widen and if you do it enough keeps the wheel from coming of. No need for an end cup anymore ;-) I aimed the heat at the inside of the spoon (where the soup goes) and pushed with circling motions with the outside of the spoon. That keeps the heat where you want it!

Anyways, thanks for the awesome design!

Thank you for making it !

My printer is suggesting a brim or raft... yes? I have supports, but some are tree-like, so I'm thinking a brim. Did anyone else bring with one?

I only did a skirt to make sure the extruder was primed to start the actual print. I rafted the wheels / pegs because they're small parts.

the hole on the hat is turning out too small for me can you help me

Had the same issue, but ended up not using the hats anyways. See other reply, I melted the axle, so it widens.

Make sure you print this with supports... Otherwise, you'll be printing in twice.

try adding a video of the car

Hi DocTatur.
Can you post solidpart made in solidworks?

i printed one and well, i forgot support

Im confused. How can you print the axle with the right angle that it has? Do you guys use support material to build it?


yes with support :)


Use punching bag balloons as a replacement for all balloon powered vehicles for more power.

Hahaha this is so cool, very nice!

 Hi ! thanks :)
well about the "launch", I used to pinch the base of the balloon , put the car in place and release it. No need for blocking the opening, even if it was my first thought when I conceive it.
If you want and if you have solidworks I can post the file so you can modify it ?
Glad  you made one , It look great in green !