EDF turbine prototype

by JeanT Aug 22, 2018
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Very effective design, simple.

Motor mount piece needs to be printed 1.04% to line up with front and back pieces.

It will fit any 22mm motor with a 5mm shaft. I am using an emax MT2205, same mount holes and 5mm shaft diameter, which recesses the fan a little which I am o.k. with.

Well done, sir.

Thanks :) i am planning a new design. This is only prototype for fun..

planning about using this under water, in that case I should use a low kv winding of the 2212 motor if I'm not completely mistaken

Hi Jean. I've printed this and hope to put it together soon, one question, and sorry if I've missed it, what size screws/bolts did you use to hold it together?

By the way, printed perfectly without supports.

Thanks A1

Moteur réduit pour une utilisation en 55mm, mais la poussé est trop faible a mon gout
Néanmoins le bruit est extraordinaire.

A 1000kv 2212 motor isn't enough to produce enough thrust for this, you need a 2212 2700kv brushless motor, it worked fantastically for me

I printed this for an rc hovercraft. Worked great. Fan blade is very thin and can break.

That looks really nice.

Hi would you be able to re upload the Moto mount so it will line up it would be very helpful since I have printed all the parts thanks.

How big is this? I need one, well 2 30mm ea

body is 119mm and blade is 100mm

I downloaded Oct, 5, 2018 and printed all the parts that weekend. The motor mount came out a little too small. The screw holes wouldn't line up for me. I think a simple 4-5% "stretch" might fix it. Otherwise a really neat design.

Hi, I tried to do, but the 3d file is too small when is open in the program , i tried to open in tow diferent program simplify 3d and repetier host and both are small.

This has happened to me also, if you find an answer please let me know.

My mistake, it was 1:10 scale. Just download it again, now its ok..

Thank you very much I can't wait to try this out.

you're welcome :-) this body is for testing propellers - it is realy heavy. If you want to try it on plane, i can send you a lighter version of a body.

That would be amazing, I am just printing the fan now in petg, I'm hoping to put it in a foam board plane at some point ( just got to design it first lol). Would this be scaleable? My friend wants an 80mm edf and this looks to be the best design I can fine.

Thank you, its a first try, there are much things to do it better :-) if you want to change scale you need to edit it in e.g autodesk inventor because of motor mount dimensions.

I didn't think of that, I'm not very good at modifying designs so I will tell him no lol. Thank you for all your help.

sometimes it is easier to tell him no :)

Hi, DC 12V 5A. Not yet.

At which voltage does the EDF run in the video?
Did you measure the thrust?