PlayStation 4 controller mini wheel

by pixel2 Aug 23, 2018
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is there a version with a cutout for a headset? id really like to use this while talking to my friends.

A simple boolean in Blender is all you need.

Thank you for the great work.
would it be possible to get the STL file or could you give me a version with support for 626 Bearings (6x19x6 mm). i bought mistakenly 100 of them AHHAHAH so i am searching for good uses.
kind regard
eisa from Germany

Hi what is the best orientation to print the frame?

Look at the 5th image in the gallery. This orientation will give you the strongest print.

Thanks! Turned out great! HAHA.. GET IT?!

Can you please fix this. Holes for pin are not same. Hole on PS4_rack is 1.9 mm, hole on PS4_pivot is 1.5. Smaller is better. Also if you can modify frame > make outer diameter for bearing little more tight (-0.15 mm). Because now it is little lose and spins when inserted.

Did some one print it with anet a8 ?

How do i print the main big part ?

очень круто, автор молодец.

This is awesome! Do you have a design in the works for Switch Pro Controller? I would love that!

Can somebody please tell me do I need to use. 4 nozzel?

How easily does this go on and come off?

Someone is selling your designs on amazon. Seller name is 'sennsey".

Looks like someone had them injection molded too, that sellers name is BassTop.

Actualy wheel for PS4 not so good, problem is that then you turn left or right it doesn't go back, you need to turn back manualy

I can tell you what MacGyver would do.... he'd print it.

not sure that would make for a very good show :)

You ever watch some of the original shows though, some great, some terrible.

Thank you so much for this. It was my first ever print project. Although not perfect (because of me being new and learning to set up a printer, not the design) it works and my nephew was super happy to have me print this on Christmas Day. I wish the old thin frame design was still available so I wouldn’t have to fight with supports haha.

Is there a version without bearing? I don't have one laying around... What is the bearing necessary for? Thank you for answering!

The bearings are less than a dollar.

Where can you buy them?

Comments deleted.

Now we just need one for the switch pro controller for Mario kart. I will try and make a remix of this but I doubt I will get it working well.

Amazing design. Printed in petg it works perfectly. Thank you !

would this fit a WII U pro controller?

What game is in the demo featured in the gallery of this print?

Project Cars 2

Just printed and assembled it and I must say, it improved my driving :O

Great job and thanks for sharing! :)

Just to clarify if someone wants to look for the bearing at the local store, the id is: 608zz

doesn't even have to be a 608zz it could just be a 608 or a 608rs or 2 rs. The important part with bearings is the numbers and not so much with the letters when it comes to general use. When using them industrially then the suffix/prefix is important since it tells you more info about the bearing. a zz is a double shielded bearing typically with a metal shield that is sealed on with a spring clip on each side.a 608 z means one side is shielded. A 608 2rs is rubber shields, 608rs is one shielded side. 608 p2 means high precision, etc... Basically 608 is the most common bearing used in everything, the next most common is probably the 625. Anyways just know any 608 bearing should be fine.

This is really clever! Thanks for sharing!

the main reason why i would download this is to use the measurements but i cant open it in autodesk inventor because it is in stl file format. i would like to edit it so i can get a full 360 turn and to design L1 L2 and R1 R2 buttons for more throttle precision, i would love it if you could send me the ipt files if you cant or dont want to thats ok. but this looks like a great design if somone just wants something basic and easy to use and i will print it i look forward to using it.

Sorry, no CAD files will be given out.

Hi! is it possible to do it with more teeth to get more precision?

Make a smaller gear and adjust the rack to get finer control [more rotation].

Good work!
Do you create for steam controller?

Good job. Think you.

can you make one for the ps3

Yes! That'd be awesome!

Yes Please!!!

I would absolutely love to get hold of a PS3 version. All my driving games are n PS3 - yet to buy a PS4 driving game.

I love this thread. Ask and you shall receive lol.

Can you make a second version with Xbox One Thumbsticks?

Merci pour le partage, mais serait-il possible d'avoir une version pour manette de PS3 ?

Thanks for sharing, but would it be possible to have a version for PS3 controller ?
Thank you.

Awesome design man! The ps4 could use some improvement though. I found out that the touch pad is being press down the whole time. And it would be cool to have rack connect to the thumbstick the way the Xbox one does. Instead of using a pin or something to connect it. Access to the ps button too, but I see someone else has mention that already.

How would you go about getting the rights to sell this? This is just a hobby of mine but would be awesome if I could actually make some money from this.

There is a thin tab that locks into the gap under the touchpad to keep it from being pressed.

The position of the PS4 left stick requires a very low profile pivot [unlike the xbox stick].

There was a recent update to the files. The frame is much more secure and there is a lever to activate the PS button.

Thanks for the quick reply, yes I noticed that thin tab for the touchpad but it still pushed down. Im going to check my setting and try it again. I see what you mean about that low profile pivot.
Thank you so much for sharing this. Its an awesome design.

nope... needs to be better designed... the steering is all over the place, the join with the pin is dodgy, and its very loose on the controller!

interesting... mine snaps really tightly onto the ocontroller

This one does not. Maybe someone in the community will remix it for PS3.

This thing is great, one of the best designed things on Thingiverse I've seen. Great job!

I tried it out for 2 races in GT Sport and here are my comments:
+Much easier to race, no more wobbling back and forth to steer.
-The PS button is mostly blocked and I have to use a small tool to press it.
-Theres a tiny bit of binding when turning all the way clockwise with one thumb due (because everything tilts towards the thumb slightly). I only noticed it when testing but not during gameplay. It is much rarer when using two thumbs.

Thanks for the glowing review!

How is the PS button used in game? [I don't own a PlayStation]

The PS4 controller doesn't have an area for the frame to key into for stability. So when you push down with one thumb the frame twists and the wheel might hit the pivot. There is room for improvement. A taller wheel would help.

The PS button turns on the PS4 and the controller. It also let's you go to the home system screen when you're in a game and you need it to access the system menu to turn off the PS4 or put it to sleep.

I'll have an optional frame ready by the end of today for more stability and better access to the PS button.

It would be cool, if there is a button for the horn on the steering wheel, which presses the PS button. :)

Comments deleted.

I look forward to trying it out

The OP said he doesn't have a Playstation, but does anyone else know if this would fit a PS3 controller. I have a Nyko Core Controller that I use with my laptop.

I'd like to see this thing ported to the 8Bitdo Pro controllers. It would be neat tovplay Rad Racer with this.

The piece that attatches to the thumbstick needs to be better sized to comfortable fit on the thumbstick. The one now tore my thumbstick up, yes, then vinyl on the thumbstick was torn off.

to attach the pieces, i found a common plastic push pin fit perfect. just break the plastic part off and the nail that's left fits perfectly. just add a bit of superglue to the bottom part.

You sir are the man! As expected, this works pretty dang awesome!

Made a followup video to it as well. Thanks again for making and sharing these files with everyone!


Hey if you make one of these for the Nintendo switch controller you know the one that comes with it where you just slide the joycons into I'm happy to PayPal you some cash

Just like the xbox 360 version, I'm waiting for someone in the 3D printing community to fill the gaps.

Okay no problem I just figured I would offer I do like the PlayStation 4 version I don't have an Xbox to try out the original but I'm sure it functions the same I appreciate you responding to my comment have a nice night

Hyped to see this evolve and use it in PSVR

Currently using in driveclub vr. It works awesome, however is slightly awkward to us the control buttons for manual shifting for instance as both thumbs are generally used while using this.

Thanks for porting this over to PS4.

My suggestions:
Once installed onto the guide, the tolerance between the rack groove and the guide block is actually quite loose. I suggest tightening this tolerance.

In addition, both ends of the guide don't need to be closed, as the stick itself limits the motion of the rack enough. Leaving one end open would make assembly safer and, again, allow you to tighten the tolerance between the grove and guide. Stiffness can be maintained by just making the walls a little wider. See my make for what I mean by this.

The arc-shaped travel of the pin can be solved more simply by changing the pin hole on the joystick holder to a vertical slot.

If you drive with just the stick your thumb will move it in an arc. The mini wheel is probably doing a more linear motion even with the current tolerances.

At the end of the day we are just here to play some games and have fun.

Thanks for the feedback and the make.

thank you for designing this im attempting to print it now
i tried it and it tore up my thumbstick a bit


  • When stick is pushed to far left, rack gets pulled down and binds since pivot moves in an arc
  • When bind happens, rack pivots around frame guide
  • Installing pivot damaged rubber on stick


  • Reduce rack flexing in Y
    • Add an extra support/guide on the frame
  • Reduce rack flexing in Z
    • Remove pin constraint on pivot, make it one piece with rack, and redesign pivot to be simple walls to push stick back and forth

The pivot and frame have been updated thanks to your input.

This is awesome, going to try this in PSVR Wipeout! Are there any step/f3d files available to tweak this should the need arise?